May 26, 2024
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Mad Men Season 8: Will The Series Ever Return? Don Draper’s Comeback At Workplace & More

Mad Men Season 8

It’s been five years since Mad Men Season 7 wrapped up on AMC. Since then, the viewers wonder to know all the answers about the mysterious behavior of the characters. However, AMC has yet to reveal the future of Mad Men Season 8. Although the last season climax wasn’t that dramatic that people were expecting. But, it became the most ambiguous and controversial after Don Draper’s (Jon Hamm) finale look. Well, that’s how the AMC series build-up the environment for its next chapter. However, the network remained silent to reveal the future of the series. Will the series ever return? Let’s see!


Mad Men, created by Matthew Weiner, is a period drama series on AMC. The series focuses on the people working in New York’s Madison Avenue’s advertising company in the 1960s. It mainly centered on American society of the 1960s focused on feminism, racism, adultery, and drinking. The term Mad Men is a slang used by the advertisers calling all the members working in Madison Avenue. It revolves around Don Dapper, trying hard to get at the top position in the Madison Avenue advertising firm. Despite this, he’s one of the prestigious advertisers in his profession.

Has AMC Renewed The Series For The Eighth Chapter?

Well, AMC has yet to announce the renewal of Mad Men Season 8 officially. However, we could expect that network would renew Mad Men Season 8 someday. As the last season finale gets a little weirder when everyone acted strangely opposite to their natural being. So, to clear the air, the series might return with more twists and turns. The series is one of the best shows of TV’s Golden Age. It also won Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Drama for four consecutive years. Despite this, its fate is still uncertain.

Mad Men Season 8: What Will Happen?

Will Don Draper Returns To His Workplace?

The finale entirely focused on Don Draper, where it seems that something is bothering him, and to find the peace; he made a big decision. Don goes to a California retreat to release his pain, and the entire suffering caused by his growing lies as they produced trouble in not only his life but also everyone’s life around him. However, Don was dressed in the white with a smirk on his face while meditating in the finale. Perhaps the smile indicates that he finally found peace.

But, shortly, Mad Men wrapped after the iconic 1971’s Coca-Cola “Hilltop” advert. What could it mean? Whether Don found a way back to start his work? Is Don’s behind the famous advert ever? Or he finally found the peace? Although there are so many unsolved puzzles. But, we could expect these to solve in the next chapter.

Will Don Find Peace?

Throughout the series, Don was running from his past identity of Dick Whitman. To make everything healthy around him, he continously shifts to alcohol and women. But Don could never find a way that could fill the missing element which he’s looking for. However, when Don heard Leonard’s story, he shortly broke into tears and realized what he’s searching for his entire life. Now, whether Don would return to the workplace is still unclear. But, indeed, he wouldn’t be the same troubled-soul Don who he was before.

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