Jason Bourne 6

Jason Bourne 6: Confirmed? Everything The Fans Should Know

A lot of rumors boiling up on the surface regarding the arrival of Jason Bourne 6, the sixth movie of the legendary Bourne film series. Even the creators and the cast members showed their interests multiple times to bring the franchise back on screen. However, the fans never get an official confirmation from them. So, will the fans ever get to see the sixth film of the movie series? Keep reading to find out.

The Bourne series is an American action-thriller movie franchise. All the films of the franchise are based on the character of Jason Bourne. The first film of the series, The Bourne Identity, made its debut in 2002. In 2007, the creators completed the trilogy with The Bourne Ultimatum. They released two more films after that, with the latest one, Jason Bourne, released in 2016. 

Jason Bourne 6

Jason Bourne 6: Confirmed?

The last movie of the franchise was a great hit on the box-office but received a mixed response from the critics. It managed to gross $415 million worldwide. However, the reviews were not so positive about it. After its financial success, people were assuming that they will surely see the sixth film of the series. However, the lead actor, Matt Damon, released a statement that put all of them in doubt. He said, “It would have to be a quite incredible narrative to get us all back on the horse. The last one didn’t perform as well as the one we did ten years ago, so possibly the fans are done with the character.” Therefore, the creators won’t confirm the arrival of Jason Bourne 6 until they get any good story for it. 

Jason Bourne 6 Renewal

What The Creators Have To Say?

Frank Marshall desired to bring the franchise back on screen again. In his interview with Collider, he expressed his interest many times in making the sixth installment. He also said that the fans might see a new showrunner for that film. On the other hand, series producer, Ben Smith, said the sixth film will connect with his new spin-off series Treadstone. When asked about what does Treadstone has to do with Jason Bourne 6, he replied,

“There will certainly be a tie in within the sixth film and the TV series. I mean, we are positively working on the sequel. What we’re preparing within that? Will, there be related tissue in terms of we are all living within the same world and universe? Absolutely. The portions of that are still under wraps.”

Jason Bourne 6

Jason Bourne 6: Release Date

The creators desired to make the sixth film multiple times, but they never confirmed it officially. Even if they are working on it, the Coronavirus Pandemic will delay the work. It is possible that the fans might see the premiere of Jason Bourne 6 by the end of 2022 or in early 2023. 


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