The Order Season 3

The Order Season 3: Will Alyssa Return For The Third Installment? What Will Happen?

The Order Season 2 dropped a bombshell when the major character died in the finale. However, the end left the door huge open for The Order Season 3. But, Netflix has yet to announce the renewal of The Order Season 3 officially. The supernatural drama wrapped up its second season in June. However, the streamer has yet to decide the fate of the series. But, the creator is still hoping to return with the third chapter to explain the hidden answers that left everyone wondering how things turned darker in everyone’s lives. So, let’s explore how the second season-ending opens a door for the third chapter.

The Order, created by Dennis Heaton, is a horror drama series on Netflix. It follows Jack Morton (Jake Manley), a college student at Belgrave University. He freshly joins the Knights of Saint Christopher and the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose. The Hermetic Order is an underground organization that practices and teaches magic. However, the deeper Jack learns about the culture, and the darker everything turns out. There he discovers dark family secrets. Later, he also uncovers the mysterious underground strife between the magical dark arts and werewolves.

The Order Season 3: Has Netflix Renewed The Show?

Netflix has yet to renew The Order Season 3. Generally, the streamer takes a couple of months to decide the future of the series. As we all know, The Order Season 2 hit Netflix in June, and now we’re living in August. So, we can expect that sooner the streamer would announce the fate of the series. The series has gained a 100% positive response on Rotten Tomatoes. Further, it earned six nominations for the Leo Award.

How Season 2 Ending Would Affect The Third Season?

The Order Season 3

In the second season finale, many dramatic changes occured with a hand full of magic, possession, sacrifice, and forbidden love. Randall Carpio (Adam DiMarco) killed Bitsy to get Lilith Bathory (Devery Jacobs) back by making the spell work. However, in this process, Randall lost both Bitsy and Lilith as the spell didn’t work. But, Lilith’s face did appeared with a demonic aura. So is that the real Lilith who is Randall trying to save?

Vera Pays For Her Mistake

Meanwhile, Alyssa Drake (Sarah Grey) takes Vera Stone’s (Katharine Isabelle) magic for Fors Factoram incantation. Though eruptions successfully finished. But Alyssa prepared everything for Vera to pay for the things that she had done before. Now Alyssa had taken her revenge, which is “Justice” in her terms. But, suddenly, Jack appeared, and Alyssa put down the knife after their romantic plea, both said a final goodbye.

Midnight Possess Gabriella For Revenge

When Alyssa prepared to leave after everything between Alyssa, Jack and Vera settled down, suddenly Midnight appeared and stopped her in the way. Midnight had possessed Gabriella Dupres (Louriza Tronco) to fulfill his wish or say revenge. In no time, he picked up Alyssa and tossed her like a ragdoll. However, Jack was helplessly looking at what’s going there. When Jack came back to his nerves and reached that place, Alyssa’s throat torn apart, and she shortly died.

Is Alyssa Still Alive?

Before Alyssa took her last breathe, Jack begged her to return Vera’s power. So, Vera can save Alyssa with her magic. Now either Alyssa wasn’t strong enough to return Vera’s power or refused to do so. But, the series creative team confirmed that Alyssa is dead unless they won’t try a twist like what happened in Game Of Thrones. But, in the last scene, Jack was carrying her body into the woods. So, there won’t be like Jon Snow opening for Alyssa (maybe).

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