Good Trouble Season 3

Good Trouble Season 3: Renewed? Everything The Fans Should Know

Its been a few months since the conclusion of the second season of Good Trouble, and now fans are eagerly waiting to see Good Trouble Season 3. The viewers loved to see Foster sisters on screen, and they would certainly want to see more of them. So will there be a third installment of this show? Continue reading to know everything about it.

Good Trouble is an American drama TV series. The show is a spin-off series to Freeform’s ‘The Fosters,’ and is set a few years after the original series. It made its debut on January 8, 2019. The debut installment was a great success and even held a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. As a result, Freeform renewed the show for its second season, which ended on March 4, 2020.

Good Trouble Season 3

Renewal Status Of The Third Season!

The fans don’t have to worry about seeing Foster sisters because they will soon return in Good Trouble Season 3. Freeform renewed the third season of the series even before the completion of the second one in January 2020. The cast and crew already began the production for it. However, they had to stop it midway because of the production lockdown. According to reports, the cast and crew will resume the filming for the third installment of the series very soon.

Good Trouble Season 3 Renewal

Good Trouble Season 3: Plot Details!

The show always came with a particular subject, and the third season will come in the same manner as well. The creators already had some plans before the start of the pandemic, and they will execute them in the third season. In a recent interview, Jenna Johnson said, “The narratives that we were already filming and that we’d already revealed were happening pre-pandemic. So for the first half of the third season, we’re going to stay in that world — and for several reasons.”

However, that doesn’t mean the fans won’t see anything related to the pandemic in Good Trouble Season 3. They will certainly see it but in the second half. In the same interview, Johnson revealed, “I do not intend to make the whole season about the pandemic. I think it’s very diverse than a limited series on trying to find connections. I don’t grasp that I want to turn on the TV and watch too much of the pandemic world in my beloved shows. It’s good to turn on the TV and watch one of your series where you don’t have to witness everyone in masks, where it’s not all concerning that. It’s sort of a nice break, and I kind of believe that’s what people want.”

Good Trouble Season 3 Plot

Good Trouble Season 3: Release Date

The original plan of the makers was to drop the third season in the summer of 2020. However, the Coronavirus pandemic didn’t allow them. The cast and crew might complete the production by the end of this year. Therefore, the fans can expect Good Trouble Season 3 to premiere in the first quarter of 2021. 

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