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I’ll Be Gone In The Dark Season 2: Happening? What Is Coming Up?

I’ll Be Gone In The Dark Season 2: I’ll Be Gone In the Dark released this June on HBO. Will There Be More? The series then concluded in August, giving all the viewers a haunting sense of the Golden State Killer. The Golden State Killer- Joseph DeAngelo, who now has pleaded guilty for murdering about 13 people, number of rapes, and burglaries. By the end of the series, All of DeAngelo’s victims got justice as the criminal got arrested. With that, the show was able to conclude the whole arc. The first season of the series pushed the limited series beyond the original source material. So, would I’ll Be Gone In The Dark Season 2 happen? If Yes, what would it bring? Here are all the details

I’ll Be Gone In The Dark Season 2: Is It Happening?

I’ll Be Gone In Dark is a mini-documentary series, so it is very difficult to say if we would get more of it. The series is based on Michelle McNamara’s book and has covered almost everything from the source material. The case is now solved. And at this very moment, it is very difficult to say how I’ll Be Gone In Dark Season 2 would return. It could not focus on the Golden State Killer all alone. However, true crime is a very popular genre and a very complicated one. After the first season, victims and families who have been a part of the show revealed how they had anxiety about the show. 

I'll Be Gone In The Dark Season 2

The first season of the show got mind-blowing reviews from both critics and fans. It also bagged about 95% Rotten Tomatoes and seven on ten IMDB ratings. With such ratings, we can expect that the show would come back. However, that is all dependent on if the creators are able to create more content for a second season. If that happens, the show will come back, and we would update this space with all the new information as we get it. You stay tuned. 

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