Bob's Burgers Season 11

Bob’s Burgers Season 11: Release Date Out! Will Reveal The Hotel Mystery! All The Latest Details

Bob’s Burgers Season 11 will return soon to kill the boredom of its fans. The creators officially announced the premiere date for the eleventh season. And the fans just can’t wait to see their favorite animated series on Fox again. Additionally, the creators also revealed that there would be a pandemic themed episode, which will serve as a cherry on the cake. 

Bob’s Burgers is an American adult animated sitcom. Loren Bouchard created this show for Fox. The show made its debut on January 9, 2011. And soon after its conclusion, it became a favorite family show. It ran successfully in the previous decade and released ten installments. At this year’s Comic-Con, the creators confirmed the eleventh season and a feature film feature. So when will it release? Keep reading to know.

Bob's Burgers Season 11

Production Status Of The Eleventh Season!

The creators informed the fans that Emmy Award-winning series Bob’s Burgers would not delay because of the pandemic and will release according to its schedule on Fox. The crew never stopped the production for Bob’s Burger Season 11. They continued to work remotely, even during the pandemic. Loren Bouchard said in an interview that “Bob’s Burgers is in production. We never stopped being in production.” And Bouchard released this statement almost three months ago. Hence it is safe to assume that the production is completed for the upcoming season. 

Bob's Burgers Season 11

Bob’s Burgers Season 11: Plot Details!

The plot of the next will still revolve around the struggles of the Belcher family in managing their store. However, this time it will come with some more twists. And the fans will also see an episode based on the pandemic. The writer of that episode, Smith himself, revealed about it. And the title of that episode is “Worms of In-Rear-ment.” In his interview, Smith said, “Two individuals in my life have gotten pinworms in their backs, very dear to me. It just appeared like an enjoyable pandemic story. And then this occurred, and I was like, people will think we’re kidding about it. Hopefully, it’s more entertaining because it’s about anus stuff. There’s a lot of handwashing. I’m expecting that people think of it was escapism to a more fun pandemic.”

Bob’s Burgers Season 11 will also solve the much-awaited mystery of the series. In the same interview, Smith mentioned that the Halloween episode would reveal what’s inside the hotel at the end of the street. This is a mystery for the fans since the show’s debut season. Along with all these, there are more surprises for its viewers in the upcoming season. Therefore now they more curious than ever to watch the next season of the animated series. 

Bob's Burgers Season 11 Plot

Bob’s Burgers Season 11: Release Date!

The fans have to wait for just one more month to watch their favorite animated show back on screen. Bob’s Burgers Season 11 will premiere on September 27, 2020, on Fox. So, the fans should better prepare themselves because next month will be full of fun.


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