June 17, 2024
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Carnival Row Season 2: Set To Enchant Your World As Showrunner Teased Post-Production Details

Carnival Row Season 2

Amazon’s neo-Victorian series, Carnival Row Season 2, is all set to return with a bang. The series began its filming back in November 2019, but, disrupted by the ongoing health crisis in March 2020. However, the series EP confirmed that Vignette Stonemoss (Cara Delevingne) and Rycroft Philostrate “Philo” (Orlando Bloom) are around the corner to revive their love. Despite the social disputes and mislead of powers going around them in the unbearable society. And not to forget more suspense aligned to consume your Holmes’ brain.


Carnival Row, created by Travis Beacham and René Echevarria, is a neo-noir series on Amazon Prime. It follows magical migrant creatures that left their homeland after the war. But, eventually, recoiled in the same city. Although they flee from there yet, they have to follow humans’ law. However, things aren’t in their favor. Since tensions between them and citizens increase with the increase in murders after they arrived in the city. Now they have to struggle to adjust in society and have to deal with the unsolved murders as well.

Carnival Row Season 2: Ready To Premiere Soon!

Lately, in July 2019, Carnival Row received renewal for the second season. Soon after a few months, the series returns to its studios to begin their filming from November 11, 2019. But, like other television shows and movies, the filming halted in the middle of March 2020. Due to the COVID-19 outburst, the only finale got left to film. However, the Czech Republic permitted to begin its filming from May 7, 2020.

First Show To Wrap-Up Post-Production

Unfortunately, the next chapter’s filming had put on hold again. Since they didn’t get the permit from the Hollywood unions and studios. But, as soon as they received the unions’ permission letter, they quickly headed to the Czech Republic to resume filming. Showrunner David Minkowski confirmed that they have wrapped up Carnival Row Season 2. That is now ready to premiere on Amazon Prime.

Most Monetary Profitable For The Czech Republic

The Czech Film Fund Director, Helena Bezděk Fraňková, talked about the funds. She revealed that Carnival Row had been the most financially profitable for the country, After the production incentives were introduced. Since Carnival Row serves by the huge number of filmmakers, that has ever spent such an amount in the Czech Republic in both seasons. That ultimately improved the country’s economy, cause “more than 60% goes to non-film SMEs.”

Second Season Has Covered The Captivating Places

In November 2019, the series began its second season filming. That mapped to shoot on multiple locations and studios. Not only in Prague and Barrandov Studios, but the series also shoot plenty of scenes in Liberec. As well as at the Sychrov chateau, in Nelahozeves, Tousen, and Libochovice.

The Longest And Most Demanding Project So Far

Pavlína Žipková, the head of the Czech Film Commission, added it has been the most earnest and longest project so far in the country. Over 900 people worked in it. On which 10% of them were foreign crew members. And around 400 were local craftsperson, that engaged in designing and building the sets in Barrandov Studios. That has started back in 2017 and both the seasons have spent complete three years at Czech locations.

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