The Society Season 2

The Society Season 2: Canceled! Can It Be Saved? Know The Reason Behind

After the cliffhanging end of the first season of The Society, fans were excited about the coming up of The Society Season 2. But suddenly everything got reversed. This Pandemic has pulled everything down with itself. And as a result, the second installment of The Society got canceled by Netflix. Let’s know what the future of the show holds. We have brought all the latest updates for you.

The Society is a mystery teenage drama series. Christopher Keyser has created the show. It made its debut last year in May. The plot follows a group of teenagers who build up their own group after the disappearance of people. It all starts while returning from a canceled field trip. They see that everyone from their town has been disappeared and it’s empty. They further explore that no-one surrounds them except the forest. The group is not even able to make phone calls or use the internet. Therefore, they make their own rules to survive this different world. There was a lot to explore in the upcoming season. But everything seems to be falling with the cancelation news. Let’s see what happens in the future.

The Society Season 2: Canceled!

The makers of The Society Season 2 were about to start their production in the coming weeks. They have gathered all their cast and crew members. But, then suddenly comes the news of the cancelation. Since Netflix owns and runs the show, it can do anything with it. Christopher spoke in an interview with Variety about the cancellation news. After canceling “I Am Not Okay With This,” Netflix made the statement, “We’re disappointed to have to make these decisions due to the circumstances.”

However, the cast and crew members didn’t get any news of cancellation till then. They were all set to come back to the shooting process. Indeed, it was then when Christopher got the call for the cancelation of The Society Season 2. It was upsetting, but they did immediately let other members know as well.

The Society Season 2

The Society Season 2: Can It Be Saved?

‘The Society’ has numerous fans who were eagerly waiting for the next plot. However, with this sad news, they have started rebelling against it. A petition has been made, which was also signed by almost 13,000 people. Twitter has been flooding with SaveTheSociety hashtags. For instance, we don’t think that The Society Season 2 will be coming back to Netflix. But, it can probably return on any other platform.

What Could Have Happened?

In the previous season, we saw the teenagers being dumped into their hometown’s alternate dimension. They have, however, find their way to stay alive. But, will they find a way to return or forever will be stuck? We saw the group know about the way of getting back. The Society Season 2 was about to show the future scenario of teenagers finding the escape. Moreover, they would have also face more conflict. There would be the discovery of one in power and the ones who are not.

Till the renewal of the show for the season season, we can only wait for any positive news. We hope the makers to find a new platform to land their upcoming season. Let’s hope for the future to be better a Pandemic to fall down. Stay tuned and updated with us.


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