May 30, 2024
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Star Trek Discovery Season 3: Release Date Out! Plot & All The Latest Details!

Star Trek Discovery Season 3

CBS finally revealed the release date of Star Trek Discovery Season 3. The fans have been waiting to see the next season of the show for a long time. And now their wait is about to get over. After the immense success of the second installment, the third season of the series is in high demand. And it is coming straight to you from galaxy light-years away. So when will it premiere? Keep reading to know.


Star Trek Discovery is an American web TV series. Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman created this show for CBS All Access. It made its debut on September 24, 2017, and became the seventh series of the Star Trek franchise. The following season of the show premiered on January 17, 2019. Both seasons received a great response from the fans as well as the critics. 

Star Trek Discovery Season 3

Star Trek Discovery Season 3: Official Teaser!

CBS didn’t release any full-fledged trailer for the third season of the series. However, they do release a teaser trailer a few weeks back. It ran for only one minute and ten seconds and gave a brief insight into the third season. However, it didn’t give any significant information about the plot of Star Trek Discovery Season 3. But now, because of this promo, we all know that the group is 930 years away from home in the future. The fans can expect CBS to release an official trailer for the third season in the upcoming weeks. 

What Will Happen In The Third Season?

Jonathan Frakes (Will Riker) recently talked about the plot of the third season in his recent interview. He said. “Discovery has essentially to do with Sonequa’s case, as you’ll see. At the end of the second season, we flash-forwarded, I think 930 years. Michael Burnham has found a distinct core, not to mention a new companion in crime (Book). So again, there’s a significant tonal shift on the show. God understands where she left as the Red Angel. So those two pieces coming back together is very much the theme of the upcoming installment.”

Alex Kurtzman, the executive producer of the series, also talked about the story of the third season. He said, “Part of what I love about the possibility of this season is that it is the untold chapter of Spock. And we can tell his story in this season only. Spock has encountered something in the signs and the red angel that has broken his rational brain. He cannot think it out, and he is emotionally ill to deal with it. So both reasoning and emotion break him completely, and he is not the character we know at the start. This is really about how Spock grows into that character and evolves into the Spock we know.”

Star Trek Discovery Season 3

Additionally, there is also a question about who will become the Captain in Star Trek Discovery Season 3. Lorca and Pike have already been there, but now that position is vacant. And Burnham and Saru are the current favorites to lead the team as a captain in the third season.

Star Trek Discovery Season 3: Release Date

After the events of the second season’s finale, everyone has been eagerly waiting to see the third season. And now they only wait for a few more weeks. Because Star Trek Discovery Season 3 is all set to premiere on October 15, 2020, on CBS All Access.

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