May 27, 2024
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Manifest Season 3: Jeff Rake Teased Some New Twists And Release Date

Manifest Season 3

Two seasons have passed, and we’re still skimming over Flight 828’s mysterious departure. Since the network has renewed Manifest Season 3 so we can expect it would clear the clouds. However, fans have to wait for more to know the mystery behind the wrecked tail-fin despite the delay in renewal. NBC has officially announced its fall schedule, and fortunately, Manifest Season 3 saved its slot there. Thus, we can dig deeper into the icy lake. Since the second season cliffhanger ending left everyone wondering who these passengers are since a crew found the tail-fin of Flight 828 in the ocean.


Meanwhile, Zeke London (Matt Long) beats his death date by following the Calling. However, it raised many queries about the fate of the passengers. Was it his fate or the passengers could beat death after doing what they have asked to do? At the same time, Kary, Jace, and Pete suddenly disappeared in the icy lake, which implies something big will happen in the third season. However, the showrunner Jeff Rake hinted that this mystery would provoke Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh) and Ben Stone (Josh Dallas). As slowly we explore, the fog would get more transparent.

Manifest Season 3: Release Date!

Recently, Rake confirmed through Twitter that Manifest Season 3 would return later this year following its ideal premiere date. However, it seems unclear how the production would resume amid the ongoing health crisis. As we all know, New York City has been the epicenter of COVID-19. Most notably, would the current situation impact the third season’s story arc?

Lately, the network delayed in renewing the show for its third season. That left many fans wondering whether they could see all the Manifesters again or not. However, Rake revealed that this delay was because of the behind-the-scenes negotiations. And there’s nothing to worry since Manifest Season 3 is on its horizon to entertain in early 2021.

Manifest Season 3: What New Twist The Manifesters Would Face Now?

In the last season, a group of fishermen found a wrecked fragment, which believed to be the missing Flight 828’s fin in the middle of the ocean. That raises many questions since we last saw the plane flying up on the runway in the first season. Now, the big question arises- is that the part of the missing flight involved in so many conspiracies. Who knows!

Saanvi Bahl Stuck In Cat And Mouse Game

Saanvi would be stuck in a chase game with cops as soon as they figure out the Major’s death, in which Saanvi plays a vital role. However, she tries to stay in control and also one step ahead of the cops. But would she be able to survive the questions? Would Vance (Daryl Edwards) help her in hiding the accidental murder case? Well, will she survives her death date by following the Callings, or will she leave in some tragic outcomes? It seems Saanvi has a rough time ahead in the third season.

Complications Between Zeke, Michaela, And Jared

Since Michaela married Zeke, presuming he’s about to die has now turn into another level. As Zeke beats his death date so, the couple could enjoy their happy married life. However, Jared Vasquez wouldn’t be in the mood to stay as the third man. Now, she has to find which direction she wants to select. Would she be able to manage them?

Ben Would Be A Believer

After Zeke survives his death date, Ben firmly begins presuming that to survive, they need to follow the Callings. He also took the initiative to convey this message to the other passengers. However, not everyone would believe the fact. Since many begin questioning Zeke’s survival was merely a coincidence or what Ben’s thinking is correct.

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