Star Trek Picard season 2

Star Trek Picard Season 2: Is Patrick Unhappy? Know Who Will Return And What Will Happen

Star Trek Picard Season 2 is set to return with so many exciting things ahead. It would be thrilling to see Dominion’s fate in the coming season. We have brought up all the coming spoilers for you. Scroll to know the details of the coming season.

CBS creation, Star Trek Picard is a web series revolving around Jean-Luc Picard. The plot starts 20 years after Picard’s appearance in Star Trek Nemesis. We further see Dahj coming into the story as a mysterious woman. She must have some personal relation to Picard. However, the story of the show will keep you intact till the end. If you are a true Star Trek fan, then the show might seem nostalgic with returning famous characters from the past. With the first part’s release, fans have been expecting to know more about the future season. It seems that Star Trek Picard season 2 is arriving closer day by day. Meanwhile, we have brought some recent updates, know below.

Star Trek Picard season 2

Star Trek Picard season 2: Exploring Future

Star Trek Picard is set at the fall of the 24th century, showing the Romulan supernova. In further season, it can add up the Dominion from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Fans will be excited by seeing the future of the Dominion. Showrunner Michael Chabon stated as, “Dominion war and Romulan emergency have a negative impact on many people’s lives. Starfleet didn’t acquit itself in a better way as per Picard’s eye.” Therefore, the Dominion wars weakened the Federation. Fans would further like to know more about the happenings between Dominion and the Federation. It might be the perfect storyline for makers to pick up in the upcoming season.

Star Trek Picard season 2

Who Will Return For Second Season?

Sir Patrick Stewart himself officially invited Whoopi Goldberg for Star Trek Picard Season 2. Patrick stated this while he was on her show, The View. However, the Oscar winner actress answered with a yes. However, we may not see Brent Spiner in the coming plot. The first season’s ending almost bade a goodbye to him. But, he is willing to come up in the future. We have to wait to know more updates further.

Is Patrick Unhappy?

In an interview with Variety, Patrick expressed that he is not interested in repeating himself. He quoted, “The world of next-generation doesn’t exist anymore.” However, it seems that he doesn’t want to return for the upcoming season. Moreover, he also talked about the language used in the script. There are more of the F-word in it, which unsettled him. It is something that was never used in previous Star Trek’s.

Star Trek Picard season 2

Star Trek Picard season 2: Release Date

Star Trek Picard Season 2 is speculated to come up by the end of 2020 or early 2021. But, there might be some ups and downs due to the ongoing pandemic. We are excited to know about the coming fate of the show. Will fans be satisfied? This can only be answered after the release of the second season. However, we hope a new adventure to take place in the second installment. Till then, stay updated with us in this space.


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