June 15, 2024
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American Horror Story Season 10: Production Details, Ryan Murphy Dropping Hints & More Updates To Know

American Horror Story season 10

The entertainment industry is slowly going back to the normal scenario. However same seems to be happening with the production of American Horror Story Season 10. The show will start its shooting process this October. We have brought up some of the revelations of the coming plot, know below.


The American Horror Story is an anthology series following different stories in each season. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have created the show. Each season of the show is kind of a mini-series that involves different characters and storylines. Few of the plots are based on true stories. Watchers and critics have well-received American Horror Story. The series has also won many renowned awards for its enormous storyline and acting. Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Screen Actors Guild award are a few of them. The plot revolves around many unusual factors such as a deadly house, demented Asylum, witches, dark hotels, a haunted farmhouse, cult, apocalypse, and many more.

American Horror Story season 10

The story will, however, keep you intact till the end. The plot is unique and has been created with well thought. Moreover, we expect the same from the coming season of the show. Let us know what fate will American Horror Story Season 10 will bring to the series.

American Horror Story season 10

Change In Theme

Coming out of the story may face some changes in it. For instance, it was fixed to be shot in summer. But the season had to face shut down because of the ongoing pandemic. However, Ryan said to The Wrap the coming plot is weather-dependent. Therefore American Horror Story Season 10 will have to face a bit of change in the theme. Let us hope for the best to come in the future. 


American Horror Story season 10: Soon To Start Production

Ryan Murphy revealed the future scenario of the show. It seems that the cast and crew members are soon going to start the filming process. However, Ryan declared this news with his post on Instagram. He also thanked his cast members for having a safe start. The post had a picture of sharp-looking teeth with a dark background. For instance, it looks like the plot might feature some vampire stories. We are excited to look forward to the release of season 10.


Murphy Drops Clues

We have seen that Ryan Murphy has dropped several clues for the future scenario. One of the posters had a pair of hands moving towards with sea in the background. For instance, the recent one has sharp teeth. Will there be vampires? Cannibals? Or Sirens? Whatever it may be, one thing is obvious that the future will be a rocky horror story.


American Horror Story Season 10: Release Date

For now, there isn’t any announcement about the release date of the upcoming season. However, the tenth installment is soon going to start its filming process in October. We hope things to be smooth and healthy in the coming future. We speculate American Horror Story Season 10 to come up on the web by 2021. There will undoubtedly be some exciting story ahead. Stay in the link with us for more updates.

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