April 22, 2024
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Cobra Kai Season 3: First Teaser Out, More Secrets To Reveal, Release In 2021

Cobra Kai Season 3

Cobra Kai Season 3: Earlier this year, when everyone came to know that Youtube has canceled the much famous Cobra Kai, sadness had taken over. However, all the fans of the show were extremely happy when Netflix picked the show and renewed Cobra Kai Season 3. The show was first released in 2018 on Youtube. It is a sequel series for the 1980s The Karate Kid movies. Recently Netflix has released some updates on Cobra Kai Season 3. Keep reading to know all about it- 


Release Date & First Teaser Out

A few months ago, Youtube had canceled its much famous show Cobra Kai after the second season. Netflix very quickly picked up the show. After this, the streaming giant renewed the show for Cobra Kai Season 3. The third season of the show is not only renewed but in fact filmed and ready. Ever since this news surfaced, all Cobra-Kai fans have been waiting to hear the release date. 

Recently Netflix leveled up the excitement as they released an action-packed teaser for Cobra Kai. The teaser featured some very intense and memorable moments from the first and the second season. For Cobra Kai Season 3, the teaser reveals that it would release sometime in 2021. Watch the teaser here-


What Does The Teaser Reveal About Cobra Kai Season 3?

The teaser indeed starts with a peaceful seaside scene from Okinawa. However, as we move forward in the teaser, viewers can see Daniel, in what looks like the Miyagi family dojo. He gets judo-tossed by a yet unknown character. The character is wearing a black-gi. In the session, he comes very close to stabbing Daniel with a sai.

The thing that makes this teaser way more interesting in the context setting voiceover that reveals that Daniel is very angry as he says that Mr. Miyaho treated him like his son, and he wouldn’t hide any secrets from him. After this, the mysterious man asks him if he is sure about that. One thing that the teaser has successfully hinted is that Cobra Kai season 3 will bring in some big hidden secrets into the tale. We will get to see more of Daniel’s late sensei. 

Cobra Kai Season 3 Plot

Coming on to what these secrets could be, we don’t know yet. However, that does not stop us from speculating about what could be coming up. We can say that whatever the secret is will affect Daniel directly. Fans of the show have also speculated about various possible secrets that could focus on Cobra Kai Season 3. One such theory is Miyagi having a child

Cobra Kai Season 3

with his love interest from the second season. The village girl Kumiko. She could be a secret that Miyagi would have chosen to keep from Daniel. If one pays close attention to the trailer, we can vaguely see that Daniel’s opponent is an Asian. Now this man can either be Miyagi’s love child or maybe Yuji Okumoto as Chozen. Okumoto is the same belligerent main rival who came in the second part. Daniel shares a legacy of Miyagi-Do Karate with him. 

Why Is It Taking So Long?

Yes, indeed, the show is ready to air, but Netflix is taking its time to release the show. As mentioned earlier, the show would release sometime in 2021. But why is it taking so long? One reason for the delay is Netflix being a global platform. Because it is a global platform, Netflix is taking the time to dub the show in a number of languages, so it is available for audiences of all regions. Another reason is, the show just landed on the platform, and viewers who haven’t seen it yet need some time to enjoy and analyze it—hence causing all the delay.

Cobra Kai Season 3

Whatever it is, we know that Cobra Kai season 3 will be worth the wait. The show is bringing many action-packed interesting storylines. The first two seasons of the show are now available on Netflix. Stream in to watch. In the meantime, tell us what as per you could be the secret that the third season would bring? We will keep passing on all the updates about the show as we get them. So, you stay tuned. 

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