Vikings Season 6 Part 2

Vikings Season 6 Part 2: Showrunner Teased The Fate Would Reveal At The End, More Details To Know

It has become quite tough to wait for Vikings Season 6 Part 2 after watching what happened at the end of the first part. The huge cliffhanger where Ubbe, with his wife Torvi, sails to Iceland in search of Floki, left everyone wondering whether Floki’s still alive. However, their quest seems endless as Jordan Patrick Smith, who played Ubbe, hinted “in a quest” in the next season. In the Comic-Con at Home virtual panel, Smith spilled the beans on his character’s story arc. However, fans are curious to learn more. Many such questions are rising in our head, such as, is Bjorn Ironside dead? Well, the creator has something to explain.

Vikings, created by Michael Hirst, is a historical drama on History TV. The series based on early medieval Scandinavia’s Norsemen. It follows the legendary Vikings chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok and his group quest, known for invading and winning. However, in the last season, many confusion build-ups when the game change. It becomes more disappointed when Vikings follow the massive Rus army as per Ivar the Boneless’ planning. At one point, they are attacking Vikings, and at the other, the Rus army trying to enter the cities. Things got terrifying when Ivar stabbed Bjorn and left him wounded at the beach.

Vikings Season 6 Part 2: What New Twist Would Come Next?

Ubbe Will Begin New Quest

In the end, Ubbe, Torvi (Georgia Hirst), Kjetill (Adam Copeland), and Asa (Elodie Curry) sail towards Iceland. Ubbe and his wife Torvi were searching for Floki (Gustaf Skasgård). After arriving there, they were introduced to Kjetill’s family and Othere (Ray Stevenson), who informed that Floki has been killed (maybe). However, he doesn’t know about the ship builder’s whereabouts. But, Ubbe heads to a new journey to the Golden Land (currently known as North America) with his wife and newborn son Ragnar.

Speaking on his journey, Smith praised the writer’s brilliant execution. He said they all are heading to explore a new world. This seems hidden from the Viking’s eyes, which they will like. However, Ubbe character inspired by the real Viking name Ubba who never traveled in Golden Land. He was one of the chiefs of the Great Heathen Army. Ubba lived till the ninth-century, and in the 860s, he invaded Anglo-Saxon England.

Is Floki Still Alive?

Ubbe and his crew are heading to the Golden Land with a new sailor Othere who has some spiritual connection with Athelstan (George Blagden). The search for shipbuilder Floki took a new direction. However, the series writer and cast stay mum at the virtual panel to disclose any spoilers. But, fans are expecting to see Ubbe travel back to Kattegat and win the battle.

Are Bjorn And King Harald Dead?

Speaking on the Comic-Con at Home panel, writer Michael Hirst teased that both are badly injured. During the battle, both are poorly stabbed and left to die on their own. But, the writer assured that their real fate would reveal in the final episode. That would be a lot of emotional drains off where everyone’s proper place would see. Further, he mentioned that he doesn’t like to sugar-coat things into fantasy. It’s a historic show, and whatever happened in history would happen there too.


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