June 16, 2024
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Manifest Season 3: Show-Runner Teased Hefty Twist Aligned In The Upcoming Season, Know More Details

Manifest Season 3

While we’re wondering that the mystery of Flight 828 disappearance and reappearance is about to solve in Manifest Season 3, soon, the creator Jeff Rake amazed us with his witty thoughts and spoilers. Two seasons have already passed, and we are still scratching the surface of Montego Air flight 828’s mysterious disappearance. Well, all because of the wrecked tail-fin that was found in the middle of the ocean in the last season. And this wasn’t enough that Zeke Landon beating his death date made everyone curious. What if there’s nothing like a death date in real? Well, only the creator knows how many twist and turns the next season have.


Manifest, created by Jeff Rake, is a supernatural drama on NBC. The series revolves around the crew and the passengers of Montego Air Flight 828. The flight took off from Jamaica but took more than five years to land in New York. It faced brief turbulence on its way. However, the entire crew and passengers were presumed dead after the flight’s mysterious disappearance. But, suddenly, after five and a half years, it reappeared. However, the passengers struggled to blend with the present world as their loved ones started behaving strangely.

Showrunner Teased New Mystery For The Third Season

The mysterious flight 828 have blown off everyone’s mind already. And now to add more spiciness, the creator and showrunner Jeff Rake celebrated 828 Day with all the Manifesters. Wait, what is 828 Day? Well, on August 28, Jeff decoded the date as 8/28 and merged it with flight 828, and that’s how the 828 Day created. Jeff and his creative team cleverly teased some major spoilers for the next season in their “Happy 828 Day” video. Well, keeping the theme in mind, Jeff teased eight teasers with two unmasking fan theories.

Saanvi And Ben Dig Deep On The Flight 828 Tail Fin

A fishing boat dredged a tailfin in the finale, which is supposed to be of Montego Airlines’ Flight 828. At the beginning of the show, the plane exploded on the runway. However, it’s still a mystery whether the fin belongs to that plane or something else is going on. After Zeke survives his death date, Ben believed that following the Callings is the only key to stay in their world. However, Ben would dive deep into the mystery to know more.

A Vanished Character Would Mysteriously Reappear

The fishing boat named Tesoro di San Antonio found the missing tailfin in the middle of the ocean. However, if we focus on the boat name, it might get clearer as San Antonio is no one else but the patron saint of lost things, Saint Anthony. That means Saint Anthony would reappear in the next season.

Jared Will Have A Complex New Relationship

In the last season, many couples’ story arc changed. And amongst them, Jared Vasquez’s (JR Ramirez) new love interest had made everyone wondering how far these two could go to stay together. Well, it’s going to be complicated as Tamara’s star, Leah Gibson, teased “more than a fling” connection.

A New Passenger Would Introduce As The Series Main

Recently, the creator has teased that many new faces would appear in the next season. However, he hasn’t hinted who they will be and what will be their agenda in the passengers’ lives. Whatever be their reason, but things don’t seem in the passengers’ favor. However, this new member has already entered in the show, which many haven’t noticed yet, said Jeff.

Manifest Season 3: Three Months Time Gap

In his “Happy 828 Day” video, Jeff mentioned that the upcoming season would delve into another world that never explored yet. However, the series would not pick up from where it has left off. Despite the finale’s unsolved puzzle, the series would begin exploring the passengers’ world three months after the second season’s finale.

Grace’s Family Member Would Reveal

Finally, in the third season, we would learn more about Grace’s family. However, he already made his appearance before for a short period. But, this time, his appearance would last longer, and he would also play a prominent role in the show.

Michaela And Zeke Relocates To A New Place

Michaela thought Zeke would die soon in the second season after hearing his Calling. But, fortunately, Zeke survived his death date by following what has told him to do. Now the newlywed Michaela and Zeke are ready to begin their life. However, it would affect Michaela’s past relationship in Manifest Season 3.

Not All Passengers Would Follow Callings For Good

After Zeke beating his death date, Ben presumed that following the Callings is the only way to bluff their death date. So, he took that seriously and tried to spread this message to all the passengers. But, it seems not everyone wouldn’t follow him. Many would oppose or use these Callings for a mean aspect.

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