Star Trek Discovery Season 3

Star Trek Discovery Season 3: Non-Binary And Transgender Characters Joining Upcoming Season, Starts Airing Soon

Star Trek Discovery is expanding its franchise and becoming open regarding gender section. It is set to introduce some non-binary and transgender characters in Star Trek Discovery Season 3. We expect other shows also to follow the same strategy as its a great step to present an equal front. Meanwhile, we have brought the future scenario of the show. Lets us know about the upcoming elements from the next season.

Star Trek Discovery is the seventh series in the Star Trek franchise. The plot is set 10 years before Star Trek: The Original Series. At first, we see the Klingon house gathering in for the war with the United Federation of planets. However, the conflict ends in the second season, and a mysterious investigation continues. We also came across a strange figure known as Red Angel. This series is just like other Star Trek’s sequel, added with more fun and drama.

Star Trek Discovery Season 3

Moreover, the stunning visuals and quality will keep you intact throughout the show. We have to further see the new things in Star Trek Discovery Season 3. Let us find out the exciting facts ahead.

Introduces First Non-Binary And Transgender Characters

The show is going to introduce first non-binary and transgender characters in the 54 years old franchise. Fans will see Adira as non-binary character and Gray, a transgender man. This vision of diversity in the show has been of Gene Roddenberry. Blu del Barrio will play the character of Adira and Ian Alexander of Gray. It is great to see the people of different sexual orientation, presenting themselves on the renowned platform. 

Star Trek Discovery Season 3

The description of Adira’s character has been given by Blu in an interview with GLAAD. It’s explained that she is complex yet wonderful. She is a kid and at the same time, an intelligent person. However, we will see her character a bit strange, yet astonishing. It makes Adira a fun character to be depicted on the screen.

Star Trek Discovery Season 3: Picks Up The Adventure

Some of the episodes of Season 3 have been directed by Jonathan Frakes. Therefore, we speculate the upcoming plot to be light-heart yet adventurous. Michael Burnham is the new partner in crime. Ring has some exciting scenes ahead. However, fans will further discover the untold chapter of Spock. Red Angel has broken his brain, and now he cannot figure out anything emotionally or logically. More of emotions with some live-action drama is waiting for you in the future. Indeed, get ready for a whole bunch of interesting factors in Star Trek Discovery Season 3.

Star Trek Discovery Season 3

Star Trek Discovery Season 3: Starts Airing Soon

Star Trek Discovery Season 3 will come up on the web on October 15, 2020. Fans will be seeing the coming up of each episode every week. However, Kurtzman has also revealed that the work for further seasons is in process. We will expect CBS to renew the further seasons soon as well. The pandemic has been working well for the writers, as they got time to indulge in next stories. For instance, there is the assurance of seeing more plots ahead. Keep watching and staying updated with us in this space.


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