The Umbrella Academy Season 3

The Umbrella Academy Season 3: Harlan’s Power Will Go Out Of Control While Vanya Trying To Save The World

Heebie-jeebies, Harlan Cooper, got superpowers. But unfortunately, it has become the reason to cause the apocalypse in The Umbrella Academy Season 3. Meanwhile, the Hargreeves are trying to stop the devastation while attempting to reconcile in the 1960s. Although the second season cleared the mystery of the first season, it still left the door huge open for the third season, where everyone is seeking a safe place to hide. In the finale, the twisted time travel caused chaos in the siblings’ life. However, everything seems perfect when they return to their mansion. But soon they discovered that something went wrong while time traveling.

The Umbrella Academy, created by Steve Blackman, is a superhero series on Netflix. The series is based on Gerard Way’s comic book of the same name. It follows billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves and his seven adopted children. On October 1, 1989, forty-three women gave birth on the same day at the same time, wherein none of them indicated any sign of pregnancy before. Out of them, seven were adopted by Hargreeves, who formed a superhero group named The Umbrella Academy. These seven kids were trained to develop their unique power and style. However, until their father’s funeral, they stayed separately to manifest their powers.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3: What Will Happen Next?

In the finale, the siblings held their hands to travel back in time to save everything from the apocalypse. However, somehow they scattered while traveling and spread somewhere in 1960 and 1963. But they all started living a different life when they failed to find each other. Some of them reunited with their family after losing their memory while others married or joined the cults. However, it seems Vanya Hargreeves is the one responsible for triggering the devastation.

As when she landed in 1963 shortly, she got hit by a car driven by Sissy. However, Sissy saved her and brought her home. But, Vanya accidentally transferred some of her powers to Sissy’s son Harlan while saving him from drowning. Now, Harlan still has some of Vanya’s power in him, which would trigger the third season’s devastation.

Harlan’s Powers Increasing Dangerously

Vanya took her powers back in the finale when Harlan’s new powers went out of his control. But, it seems some of her power still left in Harlan, especially her telekinetic one. And it will be responsible for the future apocalypse. Well, Harlan shows similar abilities like Vanya as his eyes also turn white like her.

And it seems they are evolving very quickly. As we have seen, Vanya becomes dangerous when she loses control of her powers. It means Harlan could cause deadly troubles, too, if his powers couldn’t control within time.

Vanya Would Help Saving The World

From the first season, Vanya was the one who triggered the devastation. As Vanya released her energy in the space, which destroyed the moon after sibling Allison fired close to her head. However, it doesn’t end here as while traveling back in time, she again caused devastation in 1963.

But, in the end, she managed to control her powers, which would turn favorable for the siblings. So, Vanya wouldn’t be the one causing problems in the next season. However, her powers in Harlan would do.

How Harlan’s Power Will Affect The Umbrella Academy?

As far as we know, Harlan would be the one who would destroy the world in the next season. Now, the team has to decide whether they want to save the child or not. Since this time, it’s unrelated to their family except for Vanya. Since Harlan is his only family and both are connected through their powers too.

So, it becomes crucial for Hargreeves to decide which path they want to take in the third season. Well, many would believe in killing the child while others would team up with Vanya to find another way to save the world.

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