Arslan Senki Season 3

Arslan Senki Season 3: Renewed Or Canceled? Release Date & Spoilers!

After all these years, we can finally see some hope for Arslan Senki Season 3. The anime has been on a long hiatus since 2016. Despite heavy demands, Studio Liden Films and Sanzigen have not renewed the third season of the popular show. Fortunately, according to recent speculations, fans might get to watch some brand-new episodes sometime soon. When will the sequel release? What’s in the future of the anime? Here’s every detail related to the return of your favorite show.

Arslan Senki Or The Heroic Legend Of Arslan was originally a Japanese novel series that debuted back in 1986. The famous series consisted of 16 novels that were published until 2017. As of today, the story has been adapted into two separate mangas and one anime adaptation. The anime released in 2015 and became an instant hit. Hence, it was soon renewed for a sequel that aired in 2016.

Arslan Senki Season 3

Arslan Senki Season 2: Renewal Updates

Despite being one of the best historical fantasy show ever, Arslan Senki went on a long hiatus. Meanwhile, fans signed plenty of petitions to revive their favorite show. Sadly, as of now, producers of the anime are yet to announce the renewal. However, this does not confirm that the series would not return. In fact, as per the latest speculations, the third season might begin productions sometime soon.

The Arslan Senki novel series comprises sixteen books published between 1986 and 2017. On the other hand, the second season of its anime adaptation ended back in 2016. Hence, Arslan Senki Season 3 does not have any source material to promote. Unlike other shows, anime adaptations earn a large portion of their profits from the sales of their source material.

Even though the franchise’s novel series has ended, its manga adaptation is still in the run. Back in the day, when the anime was released, it took no time to catch up with the manga. The first season covered the plot of the first three manga volumes. The manga took a while to cover the contents of the anime’s Season 2.

Arslan Senki Season 3

As of now, twelve volumes of the manga have already been released. Whereas Volume 13 (New Battles, Old Enemies) is set to come out on October 20, 2020. The latest volumes have already moved past the plot of the anime. Hence, the anime producers will finally have some source material to promote in the near future.

Most importantly, rumors say that Studio Liden Films and Felix Films have been thinking of producing Arslan Senki Season 3. Well, the news hasn’t been confirmed, yet it’s enough for us to be hopeful about the future of the anime. We will update this section as soon as the official renewal arrives.

Is there Enough Source Material For A New Season?

Arslan Senki’s 25-episode first season adapts the plot of the first four novels. Whereas Season 2 picks up the next two volumes of its source material. Since the novel series contains a total of 16 books, the studio will still have ten of them left. Hence, Arslan Senki Season 3 has enough source material for adaptation and is likely to adapt the next few novels.

*Spoilers Ahead*

The upcoming novels of the original story (ahead of Volume 7) center around the Silvermask more than Arslan. Hence, the latest season of the anime adaptation is likely to feature Silvermask’s narrative side as he tries to claim his right to the throne of Pars Kingdom. We may get some insights into his past, as well. Arslan Senki Season 3 will also focus on the clash between Arslan’s army and Silvermask’s troops.

Arslan Senki Season 3

Arslan Senki Season 3: Release Date 

As of now, the producers of the popular anime are yet to declare the release date of the upcoming season. It’s currently unclear whether the ongoing pandemic will affect the production schedule of Arslan Senki Season 3. However, the productions are likely to begin by the next year. If that happens, fans might get to watch the sequel around late 2021 or early 2022. Though, it’s normal for anime series to take longer in productions. We hope that the new episodes premiere as soon as possible.

Did you like the anime adaptation of Arslan Senki? What are your expectations from Season 3? Tell us in the comments below.


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