April 23, 2024
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Blue Bloods Season 11: Siobhan Byrne O’Connor Shared First Draft, Trouble Ahead!

Blue Blood Season 11

Brace yourself as Blue Bloods Season 11 is ready to bring trauma this season. Recently, the series’ executive producer Siobhan Byrne O’Connor teased the eleventh season, which will rock your world. It does not end here, as the network also planned to give another dose of a jolt to the viewers amid the crisis. Lately, they surprised the viewers by adding the family drama in the cops’ show. Well, it wasn’t an ordinary family drama as many lives changed after Frank Reagan’s other grandson revealed. However, the entire family is aware of the fact. But, they have to keep the secret to them only as something terrible is about to come into Reagan’s life.


Blue Bloods, created by Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green, is a crime-drama series on CBS. It revolves around Reagan’s family, whose entirely is in law enforcement. The family’s head, Francis “Frank” Xavier Reagan (Tom Selleck), is a Police Commissioner. His eldest son Daniel “Danny” Fitzgerald Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg), is an NYPD detective. And his youngest son Jameson “Jamie” Reagan (Will Estes) is an NYPD sergeant. However, his second son got murdered by the rogue cops during an FBI investigation. The entire family somehow related to each other with Frank’s daughter, who works as an assistant district lawyer. So, from time to time, the family involves in each other’s story arc while solving the cases.

Blue Bloods Season 11: Has Network Renewed The Show?

Of course! The fans can calm down as the series star Donnie Wahlberg officially announced its renewal. During the ongoing pandemic, the network has renewed Blue Bloods for an eleventh run. Well, there’s no doubt as it has been the top show of the network. Further, the last season has earned 8.02 million viewers. That is again the biggest success as the show air every Friday at 10 pm.

Blue Bloods Season 11: Production Details!

The show still has time to return to the studios. Recently, the news came up that Blue Bloods Season 11 is supposed to resume filming early October. However, the cast would take off soon to go self-isolate before returning to the sets. As per the Hollywood unions guidelines, only minimal crew members would be allowed during filming, as the show’s filming would take place in the COVID-19 epicenter New York.

Law Enforcement Helped In Scripting

Recently, David Stapf, CBS TV Studios President, revealed that they had hired some public safety counseling group to help the writers. With the advisory group’s help, they can script down the present condition followed by racial injustice and current protest. So, they can depict the real side, which is hidden from the world. David added that they got this unique opportunity to create a strong foundation with the help of a respectable advisory group.

Trouble! Trouble! Ahead

Last week, the executive producer O’Connor shared the upcoming season’s script image, including the title. However, you’ll be surprised to know the title “Triumph Over Trauma.” Considering the last season ended on a strange look, we can expect that the next chapter would boost the next level of family secrets.

Blue Bloods Season 11: What Will Happen Next?

Will Joe Hill Get The Entry In Reagan’s Family?

The last season forced to end on “Family Secrets” due to the ongoing health crisis. However, the eye-opening revelation at the end shattered the Reagan family, when the young detective Joe Hill’s (Will Hochman) secret disclosed. Danny’s son Sean (Andrew Terraciano) figured out that Joe Hill is his cousin. Danny’s younger brother, Joe, killed by the rogue cops, has a son with Paula Hill (Bonnie Sommerville).

The family invited Joe for dinner in the previous season. However, it’s unclear whether Joe would play a part in the next season or not. But, Deadline announced that Will Hochman would appear with some more elements in the next season. So, it seems that family secrets would cause trouble in the next chapter.

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