May 21, 2024
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Succession Season 3: Creator Shared Filming Details, More Details To Know

Succession Season 3

Despite Succession Season 3 is on its horizon, the fans have to wait for more to see their favorite drama on-screen. As the show’s star Brian Cox also did not get immune from the ongoing crisis, the chances of the show getting delay again are more. Further, the star teased how the next chapter would look like. However, the crisis wouldn’t play a major role in it. Well, they are Roy’s family so whatever happens in their life is not simple and ordinary. So, let’s see how things get influenced by the ongoing crisis.


Succession, created by Jesse Armstrong, is a comedy-drama on HBO. It follows the Roy family fighting for the powers, despite the bad health of Logan Roy (Brian Cox), the family patriarch. Logan’s children, excluding the oldest son Connor Roy (Alan Ruck), started preparing their life without their father. These include Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong), the power-hungry son, Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin) immature and irresponsible son, and politically smart Siobhan “Shiv” Roy (Sarah Snook). They tried different methods to win the esteemed position in Waystar Royco, the entertainment media company.

Succession Season 3: Production Expected To Delay Again

Recently, Succession star Brian Cox shared that they are hoping to resume filming in November. However, considering the current health crisis, the filming is still up in the air. Creator Jesse Armstrong assured that the entire cast and crew members would return to studios in late 2020 to resume filming in New York. However, Brain confirmed that chances are high to continue the filming in early 2021, as the shooting would take place in the severely affected area in New York.

Matthew MacFayden added that they supposed to begin filming in late April. However, just like many series’, Succession also got affected due to the ongoing crisis. That resulted in the delay of the filming for a while. Also, the filming was expected to resume in autumn. But, the Hollywood guidelines hadn’t allowed them to continue filming in New York. Thus, many series have shifted to begin filming in January.

Will The Ongoing Pandemic Play A Part In The Show?

Writer Lucy Prebble confirmed that they had completed their writing part. However, there are no big changes in the script. That means the series would revolve around the Roy family. It would pick up from where it left off. But, it wouldn’t address the ongoing pandemic as a central plot as everyone has been dealing with it. So, they don’t want to remind them of the bitter present. However, it would play a specific role in the next season.

Further, Sarah Snook teased that if the writer has to introduce the storyline’s ongoing pandemic, it will come out in an elegant and classy way. However, Prebble hinted that interesting events are aligned with an amazing plot in the next season. She continued that James Murdoch would take action as he promoted the letter of him leaving the New Corps. Even Roman’s secret investor might reveal in the upcoming season.

Brian Cox Survived From COVID-19

Recently, Brain Cox has revealed that he has tested positive during a routine diabetes blood test. However, the doctor congratulated him as he had the antibodies. It means his body won’t get affected by the virus besides contracting it. He hasn’t seen any symptoms before the test. Despite his lousy health, Brain shared his excitement to resume filming for the next season.

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