Happy Sugar Life Season 2

Happy Sugar Life Season 2: Will The Anime Ever Return? Everything To Know

Its almost been two years since the fans last saw an episode of Happy Sugar Life. And now they are eagerly waiting for Happy Sugar Life Season 2. The fans really liked the dark and thrilling tone of the series upon its premiere. And after the conclusion of the inaugural season, they will certainly like to see more of it. So will there be a second season? Continue reading to know. 

Happy Sugar Life is a Japanese dark, thrilling anime series. It is a remake of the manga series of the same name by Tomiyaki Kagisora. The anime series debuted on July 14, 2018, three years after its manga. But the anime ended before its manga in 2018, whereas the manga of the series concluded in 2019. Both manga and anime received a great response from the viewers as well as the critics. 

Happy Sugar Life Season 2

Happy Sugar Life Season 2: Renewed?

The anime of the series exclusively premiered on MBS back in 2018. The debut season consisted of twelve episodes, and got a tremendous response. However, after the first season, the network announced that they would not pick up the series for its second season. After this news, the fans were quite disappointed that they won’t get to see Happy Sugar Life Season 2.

Happy Sugar Life Season 2 Renewal

Do The Creators Have Enough Source Material?

The first season of the anime was ahead of its manga. And it covered almost all the chapters from the ten volumes. When the creators concluded the manga in 2019, and only two chapters of the manga remained for the adaptation. The pace of the anime was a little fast as compared to its source material. The ninth episode covered the chapters up to the fifth volume. And then, the eleventh chapter shared the same title with chapter 37 of volume 8. The ending of the anime series was also dark, just like its manga. And that means the first season of the series didn’t leave any chapters for Season 2. 

Happy Sugar Life Season 2 Plot

Will The Fans Ever See Happy Sugar Life Season 2?

At this moment, the chances for the second season to happen are very narrow. The inaugural season didn’t leave any open threads, and the creators don’t have any source material as well. So it’s safe to conclude that there won’t be Happy Sugar Life Season 2. Instead of a full-fledged season, it is possible that the creators might release some OVA episodes to cover the remaining chapters of the manga.

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