April 25, 2024
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Into The Badlands Season 4: Will The Fans Ever See The Next Installment? Everything To Know

Into The Badlands Season 4

A year and a few months back, AMC aired the third season’s finale of Into The Badlands. And since then, everyone is desperately waiting to see Into The Badlands Season 4. The viewers considered this series as one of the best martial arts shows of all time. And the post-apocalyptic theme of it gave everything one wants to see in a show. So will we ever be going to see its fourth installment? Keep reading to know.


Into The Badlands is an American post-apocalyptic action TV series. It pursues the journey of a young boy and a warrior who is seeking enlightenment through a dangerous feudal land. The show first premiered on November 15, 2015, on AMC. The debut season received a mixed review, but the second season came with a bang and won the hearts of its fans and critics. The final episode of the series aired on May 6, 2019, on the network. 

Into The Badlands Season 4

Renewal Status Of The Fourth Season!

The fans knew that the third season would be the final chapter of the series even before its premiere. In February 2019, AMC officially announced that they would not pick the series after its third season. The news really disappointed its fans as they won’t be able to see Into The Badlands Season 4. The ratings of the series were decreasing gradually. Therefore the creators decide to terminate the show. 

Reasons Behind The Show’s Cancelation!

The previous year, in the TCA winter press tour, AMC announced the third season to be the final season of the show. The show received a great response. However, by the third season, the viewership of the show decreased with a great margin. The second season witnessed a drop in rating, and this gap only increases in the last season. Therefore the makers decided to cancel Into The Badlands Season 4. To date, the decrease in the viewership is said to be the main reason behind the cancelation of the series. 

Into The Badlands Season 4 Renewal

Fans Tried To Save Into The Badlands Season 4!

Nowadays, we don’t get to see a perfect blend of martial arts and post-apocalyptic themes in any show. However, Into The Badlands displayed it perfectly. Therefore soon after the announcement of the third season, the fans began to protest to save their favorite show. A large group of twitter users started using #SavetheBadlands. This hashtag became a trend. The cast members who were upset because of the very reason also supported the campaign. This protest made a lot of heat on the internet. However, it failed because the makers didn’t revert their decision.

Into The Badlands Season 4: Will The Series Ever Return?

AMC is not interested in picking up the show for its further installment. But there is a thin possibility that some other network might pick up this show because of its popularity. There are way too many successful shows that were canceled by their respective networks and got picked up by another. Lucifer and Money Heist are the best example of this kind of shows. Netflix and Disney+ now become the second home of many TV series. They already picked up several canceled shows. So there’s a hope that Netflix might pick the series for Into The Badlands Season 4. However, Netflix also canceled its popular shows recently because of the pandemic. Therefore the probability of the show getting picked up from any other network is very low.

Into The Badlands Season 4 Retun

Will The Fans Get Any Comic Sequel?

During the inaugural season of the series, AMC released the digital comic series of the show. And it displays that the series can work in some other format as well. One of the creators of the series, Alfred Gough, told IndieWire in an interview that the producers of the series are in talks with the network to continue the show in some other format. There is a possibility that instead of Into The Badlands Season 4, the viewers will get an animated series or a comic-book series. If this happens, then it might continue the story, but it won’t be able to recreate the magic as the series did. 

Into The Badlands Season 4

Why Into The Badlands Season 4 Needs To Happen?

The fans were upset because of the cancelation of the series. But they were furious on the fact that The Walking Dead is still on the network past its expiration date. According to the fans, the network is continuously providing chances to the show that should’ve been ended long ago. And they didn’t gave a single chance to the show that deserves it.

If AMC can provide so many chances to other shows, then they can provide at least one chance to its one of the shows. And Into The Badlands Season 4 will only take the series on a different level. There will be more intriguing storylines, more diverse characters, and more martial arts. Therefore the viewers think that the fourth season should’ve been ordered, and they deserve to see one more installment of their favorite series. 

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