May 30, 2024
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The Chi Season 4: Renewed! Lena Speaks About Jason’s Harassment, Know Details

The Chi Season 4

The authentic story of The Chi will add up some more with its next installment. Showtime has officially renewed The Chi Season 4. The growing audience will get more of an exciting story ahead in the coming season. However, we have brought some inner information for you. Know the future fate of the show below.


The Chi, means The Shy, is a drama series produced by Lena Waithe. The story revolves around life in the South Side of Chicago. Fans see the connecting and thrilling life of Emmett, Brandon, Ronnie, and Kevin. Challenging and dangerous situations seem to lift the characters. However, the series is well written as well as well played by the actors. One will find no time to catch up on the pace of the story. The increasing drama with more twists and turns level up the suspense and interest.

The Chi Season 4

Moreover, it will be great to see some new storylines taking place on the show. We have come up with some latest updates. Know the coming scenario ahead.

The Chi Season 4: Renewed!

The third part of the show completed its finale this year on August 23. However, Showtime renewed the coming season just after finishing the previous one. Lena Waithe says, “The Chi’s authentic storytelling resonates more deeply with its devoted and growing audience. It has definitely taken me on a journey. One of learning, healing, and growth. I don’t know how this season would be received, but the fans’ level of engagement and enthusiasm has been fantastic.” It seems that Waithe is grateful to continue the journey. For instance, fans didn’t have to wait much thinking about whether the show will be able to make the future or not. We hope the same amount of exciting factors in the coming season.

The Chi Season 4

Who Is Returning For Next Run?

We will be seeing Justin Hillian as showrunner and executive producer of the coming season. We will also see Lena Waithe, Jacob Latimore, Alex R. Hibbert, Tiffany Boone, and many more. More coincidences and redemptions are waiting ahead in the future.

The Chi Season 4

Jason Mitchell Dismissed For Harassing

There has some ongoing turmoil behind the scene, which was later brought up to Lena’s audience by the reports of THR. Jason Mitchell was alleged for some misconduct on the set. Tiffany Boone has faced the harassment and left the show midway in the second installment. However, Alanna also filed the HR complaint about Jason’s misconduct. It further came to notice, and Lena took strict action. She put the situation into notice, and it seemed that everyone was already aware of the scenario.

The Chi Season 4

Meanwhile, Jason was dismissed from the series after the second part. Lena further responds to this by saying, “I wish I would’ve handled the situation differently.” But it’s good that the situation has been made. We hope things to go well further for the cast and crew members.

The Chi Season 4: Release Date

The Chi Season 4 will probably take some time to come up on the platform. The makers are due to write the scripts and start the production as well. We speculate the upcoming season to arrive in mid-2021. The makers may start their production by the fall of 2020 or in starting 2021. However, this lockdown is the perfect time for the writers to focus on the script. Stay in the link to stay updated in this space.

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