Young Wallander Season 2

Young Wallander Season 2: Is Netflix Bringing More Of It? All Details

Young Wallander Season 2: The first season of Young Wallander was released on Netflix in the first week of September. After the release, many fans of the show seem to be worried about Young Wallander Season 2. The crime-drama series is based on Henning Mankell’s fictional character Kurt Wallander. Unlike any other related series, Netflix’s Young Wallender takes the story to contemporary Sweden and follows Kurt Wallander’s career. Upon its arrival, the show has received mixed reviews. Has Netflix commissioned it for more? Here is everything you need to know about it-

Young Wallander Season 2: Renewal Status!

The first season of Young Wallander released only about a week ago, so it feels too soon to think if Netflix would renew Young Wallander Season 2 or not. The streaming giant takes from one to six months before they announce renewal or cancellation of the show. This decision of renewal will be quite dependent on how the viewers receive the show. Talking about the source material, the first season sees only the starting of Wallanders’ career. He was in his early 20s in the first season. So, there is a lot of stories to cover. The final events of the novel take place when he is about 50s. 

Young Wallander Season 2

What’s Coming Next?

In an interview with The Guardian, producer of the show- Berna Levin says that Young Wallander is a prequel, and they are also reimagining it. So, if fans follow the line that they are trying to draw, fans will realize that Wallander is exactly as he was with Henning. They will never take him anywhere where fans would think that they would end with Wallander as they already know him. 

Young Wallander Season 2

Netflix’s Young Wallander moves in the backdrop of modern Sweden. It is very different from the original novel, which is set in the 1970s. The series follows Young Wallander, who has a dark and traumatic childhood. As a teenager, he had seen a horrific murder in the city of Malmö. The end of the first season confirms that Wallander has not moved on and is rather traumatized by what happened. When he again witnesses the murder of a colleague, he decides to quit. However, he isn’t able to do that, as his story keeps taking him back to the police work. He is dedicated and even obsessed with his work, and that does not let him leave. 


Young Wallander season 2 will bring more crime mystery cases as Wallander goes around them and solves all the puzzles. We cannot be sure about what is coming up because there is a number of hit Wallander novels, and creators have a lot of material they can create further seasons from. 

How Is The First Season Received?

The first season of Young Wallander has received mixed reviews. While some fans loved the show, others have criticized it vastly because of the cast. Even after being a Swedish show, Young Wallander misses any Swedish actors. The only Swedish face we get to see on the show is Adam Pålsson, who plays the role of younger Kurt Wallander. Other cast members are mainly English with London accents. More followers criticized the show for not being filmed in Sweden. Young Wallander was shot in Lithuania. 

Young Wallander Season 2

It is upon Netflix whether they renew the show or not. We can hope to receive news about the show in the coming few months. We will pass on the updates on the show as we get them. So, you keep checking this space for all the latest updates. 


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