Naked And Afraid Rules

Naked And Afraid Rules That Participants Have To Follow! [Ultimate List]

Naked And Afraid is one of the most-watched and controversial reality TV series. The show made its debut on the Discovery Channel and became the most-watched premiere episode of all time. In the series, two members (a male and female) get together, naked, in order to survive. However, the show’s not only about being naked and roam in the middle of nowhere. There are some basic Naked And Afraid Rules that each contestant of the series has to follow. They are:

Contestants Have To Be A Citizen Of the US & An Adult!

The Naked And Afraid Rule about being an adult to participate actually makes sense. It will be illegal to show an underage teen naked on national TV. Also, Naked And Afraid is US-based series. So again, they’ll only consider a legal age US citizen.

Naked And Afraid

There Is Prize Money For Each & Every Contestant In Naked And Afraid!

Production of the show hides the fact that each contestant of the show receives some compensation for their time. The makers revealed that only the winner gets the prize money. However, every single participant gets $5000. The amount is pretty low compared to their daily tasks, but it’s a lot better than nothing. 

Naked And Afraid Rules: During The Time Of Emergency, Contestants Can Take Their Decision!

In some installments of Naked And Afraid, there were cases of Dengue fever, food poisoning, and broken bones. And at the time like this, the contestants are allowed to decide whether they want to continue or go back for the treatment. If their condition is serious, they are instantly provided with medical treatments. Moreover, no one wants to see someone dying on national television.

Women Are Allowed To Use Sanitary Products!

No women want to live naked in a jungle while menstruating. A bleeding woman in a jungle will draw attention from the feminists all around the globe, and it will become too raw to show on TV. Therefore, the creators allowed the women to use tampons, sanitary, and safety precautions at their crucial time. 

Naked And Afraid Rules: Every Single Participant Gets An Emergency Radio!

There was a rumor that Naked and Afraid participants can’t communicate with the crew. And we hate to break it to you, as they can. They’ve been given an emergency radio to communicate with the producers when the camera crew is not around. 

Participants Are Allowed To Make Genuine Requests!

The contestants are allowed to make requests, but they have to give some proper reason behind their requirements. Once a contestant made a really weird request when he asked to increase the pixels’ size covering his manhood. Obviously, he had his personal reasons for this.

Naked And Afraid Rules: They Are Not Allowed To Interact With Anyone Outside Naked And Afraid

The show do not take place too far away from civilization. Sometimes the participants even hear the sound of DJ and bump into the people in some locations. Although, there is a strict rule in Naked And Afraid that the participants can’t interact with anyone outside the show. 

There Is No Rule About Hook Ups In Naked And Afraid

This is one of the most asked questions about this reality show. People often wonder that the couple lives naked all the time in the middle of nowhere, so they must hook up with one another. But that’s not the case, and believe us, sex is the last thing they think about. Everyone is dirty, covered in bug bites, tired, and hungry, so at that moment, they just want to survive. However, there is no Naked And Afraid rule which will stop them from hooking up if they want. 


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