The Thinning 3

The Thinning 3: Why It May Not Happen? Fans Blaming Logan’s Controversies; Know Every Detail

Will there be The Thinning 3? You will get your answer here. The scenario which The Thinning has created kept the audience intact pretty well. But still, the movie is in controversy, and that’s because of its actor. The dystopian future attracts the viewers and keeps them logged throughout the film. Let us know the coming fate.

The Thinning is a science fiction thriller web movie, starring the famous YouTuber Logan Paul. The plot revolves around the population control concept applied to the people through an aptitude test. The one who fails the test is executed. The real-life scenario is also facing a lot due to overpopulation. However, in the movie, we see different countries applying different methods to control their population status. For instance, the United States implements the policy of standardized testing called ‘Thinning.’

The Thinning 3

We see the story revolving around the character of Blake Redding, played by Logan. He was dating a girl, Ellie. Being busy in loving Blake led Ellie to fail in the test. Even though Blake requested his father to save her, but he couldn’t do anything. Ever since that, Blake distanced himself from his father. Later on, we see Blake trying to fail to prove his father wrong intentionally. As a result, his marks were exchanged to that of Laina’s. She failed and was sent to execute. Furthermore, she escaped and found out about the shuffling of marks. She revealed the actual marks of everyone into the public. Now, the real failure is to die with Blake being one of them.

Will There Be Happy Ending?

It is further revealed that the failures don’t die; instead, they work for the test company ‘Assuru.’ Blake there met with Ellie once again. However, the story doesn’t have a happy ending here. The couple, as well as the public, had to cope up with the secrets of Thinning. After the truth comes out, the government tries to suppress the freedom to remain in power. However, in the end, we see Jack from the FBI coming to help the public. The story is incomplete and is left on a note where things still have to become right.

The Thinning 3

The second part of the movie came in 2018. It’s been almost two years, and we aren’t sure whether there will be The Thinning 3 or not. Logan Paul is among the top five YouTubers. The show has obviously reached this immense amount of craze because of him. But, it seems that Logan has been caught in many controversies. The viewers are getting offended by his recent posts and finding it to be outrageous and crazy stuff.

The Thinning 3: Logan In Controversies!

Even though Logan is good at acting, but there is doubt about his humanity. He did manage to be one of the most famous YouTubers. But, everything shattered at once with his inhuman behavior. Logan and his friends were filming in Japan’s forest, where they came across the hanging body. Logan decided to cover the scenario for his youtube fans. He was filming the entire scene even while they encountered the hanging body. However, he further laughed and brought his infamous wit and odd sense of humor on the screen. Although how funny the content may be, humanity is always the prior one. For instance, the video went viral and was criticized all over the world.

The Thinning 3

YouTube Decides To Cut Ties

Further, Youtube decided not to stay silent on this inhuman behavior. It has cut all the ties from the actor and further took away the series’ Foursome.’ The Thinning: New World Order also kept on hold for the release due to the indecent behavior. However, later on, Youtube decided to release it to appreciate other cast and crew members’ hard work.

The Thinning 3

Therefore, it seems that Youtube will not be put itself on risk by casting Logan Paul once again. We speculate that The Thinning 3 might never come up on the web, as the chances are equal to zero. Even though Logan apologized for his incidence but seemed a lot less in front of the chaos he made. However, what’s done will never be taken back. Logan has carved his negative impression on the platform and viewers for forever. We don’t expect anything the same from an influencer.

Will There Be The Thinning 3?

There isn’t any official announcement regarding The Thinning 3 yet. But, it seems that the answer is pretty negative. Let us hope for the best in the coming future. Till then, be updated with us.

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