April 25, 2024
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Julie And The Phantoms Season 2: Renewed Or Canceled? When Will Filming begin?

Julie And The Phantoms Season 2

It seems that Netflix’s Julie And The Phantoms have left the vast door open for its next run, Julie And The Phantoms Season 2. However, Netflix has yet to announce the series renewal for the second season, officially. The musical comedy show introduced newbie Madison Reyes as Julie, who formed a band with three ghostly musicians. Charles Gillepsie as Luke, Jeremy Shada as Reggie, and Owen Patrick Joyner as Alex played the friendly ghost character. Caleb Covington is the villain who has evil intentions to break everything.


However, it is expected that the second season would resolve the mystery that the first season has created. Julie helping the boys form a band and finish their unfinished work was the beginning of Julie And The Phantoms. But, Caleb appeared from nowhere and entered Nick’s body to achieve his evil goals. However, the Phantoms anyhow managed to escape from Caleb’s clasp to fulfill their long desire.

Julie And The Phantoms Season 2: Has It Renewed For The Next Season?

Well, not yet. Netflix hasn’t announced the renewal of Julie And The Phantoms Season 2 officially. However, the show received a positive response from the audience as well as the critics. Thus, fans can expect that Netflix would soon renew the musical comedy show within a couple of months. As you know, the streamer generally takes some time to decide the future of the show.

We can expect that Julie And The Phantoms Season 2 would begin its filming in early 2021, as the showrunner is looking for the show’s renewal first, after which they can continue their filming. Further, considering the first season set in Vancouver, it’s more likely that the next season would film in Vancouver as well. Even, Vancouver governor has permitted to start the production. Thus, we can expect that the next season would air somewhere in late 2021.

Julie And The Phantoms Season 2: What To Expect?

The first season has begun with mysteries that were not solved in the entire season. However, things get more complicated when Caleb Covington entered in Nick’s body. But, things get more twisted as the Phantoms never got the chance to finish their unfinished work for which they have created the band. Moreover, Caleb’s motive is still hidden and why he takes over Nick’s body is still a mystery.

It Will Explore Caleb’s Story Arc

The next season would delve deeper into Caleb’s story arc. It would explain the dark and devilish motive of Caleb. Further, it would also deal with his powers and explain why he took over Nick’s body. It will also deal with Caleb and the Phantoms’ Tom and Jerry war.

The Phantoms Would Face New Challenges

In the finale, the ghost pals turned into their physical bodies. However, it’s not clear whether they are still ghosts or changed into humans. Speaking on sudden changes, creator Kenny Ortega said it has something to do with music. Since some magic will take place in their life, it means some blessings are coming in the ghost pals’ ways.

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