May 20, 2024
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Gen Lock Season 2: Writer’s Room Coming Soon! Know Synopsis And More

Gen Lock Season 2

Michael B. Jordan, executive producer, and star of Gen: Lock recently shared the new writer’s room scenario. Being the major hit, fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming plot. However, there have been specific changes as per the #ChangeHollywood scenario. Lets us discover the upcoming factors of Gen Lock Season 2.


The animated series Gen Lock is created by Gray Haddock and produced by Rooster Teeth. The plot is set in the dystopian future where The Polity fights with The Union. It’s described as the grounded science fiction of mecha anime. The show delivers the tale of action-packed merchandise welfare. We see the diverse team of young pilots trying to save the world.

Gen: Lock experiment follows the members uploading their minds to control robots. There is fight, drama, science, mechanism, robots, everything involved. The show’s first season came up in the year 2018. The anime with realistic effects involves you to the series even deeper. Some characters will help you relate yourself at some or the other points. However, we have to discover the upcoming factors of the show further.

Gen Lock Season 2

Writer’s Room Soon To Arrive

The writer’s room for Gen Lock Season 2 consists of Daniel Dominguez, Maasai Singleton, Kristle Peluso, Evan Narcisse, and Gavin Hignight. It will soon come up on HBO Max. However, it will feature under the name ‘Meet the Writer’s of Gen: Lock Season 2.’ The announcement of the above was made on Variety. For instance, it releases on September 21, 2020. Get ready to meet the team. There will obviously be some spilling of ideas about the coming season.

Synopsis of Gen Lock Season 2

The synopsis for the upcoming season of the show has been out now. It says that two human races have come to dominate the environment. For instance, one is The Polity, and the other is The Union. However, if there is any future of the earth, it will rely on mechanization and digitization. The Polity seems to be losing despite their heroic effort. The team of Gen: Lock includes Chase, Cammie, Yaz, Kazu, and Val. They have been thoroughly helping with their enormous efforts. We will further meet Brother Tate, head of The Union. It will probably lead to a different conflict. The loyalty of Polity will be tested. However, nothing is going to be the same as it seems.

Gen Lock Season 2

 Bringing The Change

Jordon’s #ChangeHollywood will also bring certain changes in Gen Lock Season 2. The fans will see some of the casts and crews from Black and Brown, LGBTQIA+ and other communities. We are hopeful towards the industry to change positively.

Gen Lock Season 2

Gen Lock Season 2: Release Date

Gen Lock came up in 2018, and it’s been almost two years. We might see the next season coming in 2021. But, the makers are bringing something on the screen to maintain the excitement. Fans will be seeing ‘Meet the Writer’s of Gen Lock Season 2’ this September. You better be excited because it will undoubtedly bring some more clarifications about the upcoming season. Let us further wait. Till then, stay updated in this space with us.

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