April 25, 2024
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After Life Season 3: Production Status! Plot, Release Date & Everything To Know

After Life Season 3

Everyone is eagerly waiting for After Life Season 3, which will also be the final installment of the series. They just can’t wait to know what will happen next in the life of Tony. The second season ended a few months back with a lot of loose threads. Therefore, the fans are curious to know the upcoming events of the series. If you’re also wondering the same, we got you covered. Just continue reading.


After Life is a British dark comedy-drama web TV series. Ricky Gervais created, directed, produced, and acted in the show. It made its debut on March 8, 2019. The series received a great response upon its arrival. As a result, the creators renewed it for the second season, which premiered recently on April 24, 2020. On May 6, 2020, Netflix renewed the show for its third and final season.

After Life Season 3

After Life Season 3: Production Status!

The coronavirus pandemic halted the filming of numerous TV series and films globally. It delayed the production of several shows, including After Life. The last update came in the last week of July, when the creator and the writer, Ricky, flaunted the first draft of After Life Season 3. The pre-production work of the upcoming season is almost done. However, there has been no news on when the cast and the crew will start filming for it. Back then, there was news that the filming would begin in August. It might have been started or will start soon in the upcoming weeks. 

What To Expect From The Third Season?

In the previous season, during the talent show of the town, Tony appeared to be recovering from the loss of his wife. However, by the end of the second season, he faced another setback. He lost his father due to dementia in the nursing home. Matts wedding seems to have been patched up throughout the second season, but whether that’ll be long-lasting or not will be interesting to see.

The viewers didn’t see the funeral of Tony’s father in the second season. Therefore they can anticipate it to happen in After Life Season 3. They will also see how Tony copes with the demise of his father plus how the relationship with Emma turns out to be who finally got her name exposed in the previous season. According to one of the series actors, the viewers will laugh and cry in the third season. Diane Morgan revealed to the fans that she had read some parts of the upcoming season. And while reading it, sometimes she was crying, and the other time she was laughing her heart out. According to her, the same will be going to happen with the viewers of the show. The upcoming installment will come with a lot of emotions.

After Life Season 3 Plot

After Life Season 3: Release Date

Both the previous seasons of the series took an entire year for its production. And if we follow that, the third season should also arrive after the gap of a year. If everything goes well, and production won’t get delayed any further, then the fans can expect After Life Season 3 to release in the second quarter of 2021. 

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