June 15, 2024
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Stumptown Season 2: Canceled! Know The Reason Behind

Stumptown Season 2

Stumptown Season 2 was renewed by AMC back in May. But, not it seems that the platform is stepping back from the decision made. The season is now canceled. What could be the reason behind this abrupt decision? Let us know the reason behind, and what could be the upcoming fate.


The crime drama Stumptown came up on ABC in September 2019. The plot was based on the comic book series of the same name by Greg Rucka, Matthew Southworth, and Justin. We see the story revolving around Dex Parios, a military veteran. She is a sharp-witted woman who struggles to take care of his brother. She also has PTSD, as her former love was killed while working in Afghanistan. However, Dex gets involved in various bad habits like gambling and cannot hold down to a single job.

Stumptown Season 2

Further, in the story, she tries for the private investigation job. Therefore, we mostly see Dex facing her problems in life and trying to settle his brother. The reach touch and relatable characters will let you cling on to the series till the end. We have to see further what is the fate of Stumptown Season 2.

Stumptown Season 2: Canceled?

The call for the cancellation of Stumptown Season 2 was made this week. ABC opted not to go forward with the series. Although, the show renewed before for 2020 fall. However, some of the series were able to start their production even amidst the corona situation. No one ever thought that the well-received Stumptown will ever get canceled. Fans are in shock after hearing this heartbreaking news. But the truth cannot be withheld. Let us further discover the reason and the coming fate of the series.

Stumptown Season 2

Reason Behind The Vendetta

The first and foremost reason for the cancellation of the series is the COVID situation. Moreover, the show is one of the most expensive ones. The platforms are trying to cut their costs, and they might not have fit the proper scenario. Dealing with the pandemic’s protocol with limited resources was a bit difficult for the series. Moreover, making would have led to the budget increase for both the makers and the platform. Therefore, the cancellation is probably done with a better reason. Let us hope for the show to make itself come on some other platform on some other time.

Stumptown Season 2

Stumptown Season 2: Most Anticipated Series

The show has been the most anticipated one on the platform. It got its increasing fans in very little time. The show had famous stars like Cobie Smulders, Cole Sibus, Michael Aly, Adrian Martinez , Monica Barbaro, etc. However, the plot was mostly around Dex and her brother. We would have seen more problems and solutions coming up in the future. There would have been a lot of humor, wit as well as crime drama in it.

Stumptown Season 2: Expected Future

The show might wait for things to be better. Else, it can find some other platform for its release. Whatever it be, one thing is sure that the pandemic has let everyone down. We have to wait for the official announcements of the upcoming fate further. Till then, stay updated with us.

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