Van Helsing Season 5

Van Helsing Season 5: Final Season! New Cast Additions, Production In Process

The fourth season of Van Helsing amazingly thrilled the fans. However, fans were left in the middle of many storylines. We have a lot more to see in Van Helsing Season 5. For instance, production is in its way and will complete soon. We have brought all the latest updates to you, know below.

Van Helsing is a horror series. The plot is set after the apocalypse of the vampires. We see the descendant of Abraham Van Helsing, Vanessa Van Helsing, playing the lead. She wakes up from the coma to find the post-apocalyptic situation of the world. The sunlight has been packed with vampires to run over humanity. However, now she is left to be the last hope of everything. She has got the ability to turn vampires into human beings. Vanessa further discovers the long lost sister of hers, Scarlett. She was taught from childhood about the ways to kill the vampires. Therefore we see both the sister turning humanity on. We have to explore the future scenario in the show further.

Van Helsing Season 5

Van Helsing Season 5: Fifth And Final Season

As per the reports of Den Of Geek, the show will be back for the finale season. The show will continue to bring up the vampire characters and their stories on the screen. Although we have to see when the season will start its production.

Van Helsing Season 5: Production Status!

The series was renewed for its fifth installment in December 2019. Jonathan Walker stated that they began their shooting process. For instance, the entire script was in the hands of the makers. However, it was stopped because of pandemic’s interruption. The filming was shut down in March 2020. However, the cast and crew members are back on the set with all the safety on hand. We hope things go by safely in the upcoming future.

Kim Coates Added To The Cast

Kim Coates is an America-Canadian actor. He will be playing Count Dalibor, husband of Olivia. Moreover, we will also see Liebert playing Nina, a vampire. He has some colorful past with Julius. Steve Bacic, on the other hand, will portray the father.

Van Helsing Season 5

Fans will also see Kelly Overton as Vanessa Van, Jonathan as Axel, Christopher as Samuel, David Cubitt as John, and other casts. It will, therefore, be exciting to see the disputes between vampires and human beings. We have to wait to see the plot to come up on the floor further.

Van Helsing Season 5: Release Date

The show is in the process. The cast and crew members are trying their best to work amidst the situation of Pandemic. But, there will be an obvious delay in the release. It is speculated that the Van Helsing Season 5 might come by the fall of 2020. Seeing the current situation, the date may even extend to a further period. Let us hope the best for the show. We are expecting to see the thrilling and conclusive plot to appear in the fifth installment. Till then, stay updated in this space with us.

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