Air Gear Season 2

Air Gear Season 2: Will The Anime Ever Return? Everything To Know!

It has been fourteen years since the fans last saw an episode of Air Gear. And even now, they are desperate to know whether there will be Air Gear Season 2 or not. Back in 2006, no one ever thought that they would see sports anime based on rollerblading. And then TOEI animation released Air Gear. The fans were fascinated to see something fresh. However, they never get to see its complete story since the anime didn’t return for the second season. 

Air Gear is a Japanese sports anime. It is the remake of the shonen manga of the same name by Oh! Great (Ito Ogure). They published the manga in the weekly shonen magazine from 2002-2012 and concluded it with its 37th volume. The anime made its debut on April 4, 2006. The viewers saw its last episode on September 26 of that very year. And ever since then, they are waiting for its return. So, will the anime return for its second season? Keep reading to know.

Air Gear Season 2

Air Gear Season 2: Renewal Status!

TOEI Animation produced the anime series. And they never canceled or renewed it for its second installment. We didn’t hear anything from the writer and illustrator of the series, Ito. The debut season of the anime performed well and caught the otakus’ attention all over the world. However, the creators didn’t make the profit they expected from it. Even back then, the production of the anime costs $780,000. And if they make twenty-five episodes season now, the production cost will be more than double, and there will be a risk whether it will make a profit or not after all these years. Therefore the creators decided to hold Air Gear Season 2.

Air Gear Season 2

Do The Creators Have Enough Source Material?

The inaugural season of the anime came with twenty-five episodes, which used the first twelve volumes of the manga. In contrast, the manga consists of a total of thirty-seven volumes. Therefore the creators have more than enough source material to make Air Gear Season 2. They can even make more than one season with the remaining chapters of the manga. It seems like the creators planned to end the anime with its third season but didn’t advance after the first season.

Air Gear Season 2 Renewal

Will The Fans Ever See Air Gear Season 2?

Honestly, the chances are pretty low. The creators stopped making the anime like Noragami after it failed to make enough profit. The fan base of Noragami is pretty huge. Despite this fact, they ended it. And the fan base of Air Gear is quite average, plus it’s been fourteen years, and many of its fans already lost their hope. TOEI animation is also quite busy with their current projects. They already delayed the second season of Dragon Ball Super. Therefore, it is hard or almost impossible for the anime like Air Gear to be picked up for its second season at a time like this. So it is better to believe that there will be no Air Gear Season 2. 


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