Future Man Season 4.

Future Man Season 4: Is Hulu Bringing More Of The Show, Know Details

Future Man Season 4: It has been more than a year since we got to see Future Man. Ever since then, everyone has been wondering if there would be any more of it? Created by Kyle Hunter of Sausage Party, Ariel Shaffir, Seth Rogen, and Evan Goldberg, the sci-fi show stars Eliza Coupe, Josh Hutcherson, and Derek Wilson in the lead roles. With them, the show has been able to bring a number of notable actors like Awkwafina, Will Forte, and Haley Joel Osment over this time.

Future Man is a show of its kind. The show has undeniable humor, and while it could have failed miserably and turn out to be crude and gross. The show instead managed to become charming, especially in a space that is way too cluttered. The jokes on the show seem consistent, and the characters were able to win the viewers’ hearts. The best part about the show was that it wasn’t at all exaggerating. All fans of the show indeed want to know if they will get more of the janitor/gamer drama. Here is what we know about Future Man Season 4

Will We Get More Of Future Man?

It looks like Hulu has lost all its interest in Future Man. Last year in April 2019, the streaming platform renewed Future man for the third season. However, they also announced that it would be the last season of the sci-fi series. That means we will never get Future Man Season 4. The third season of the show had eight episodes only. This was five less than what its previous seasons had, that is, 13. While this cancellation was sad news for fans, it gave all the writers and creators a chance to bind all the loose ends.

Future Man Season 4

Why Was The Show Cancelled?

Neither the creators nor stars have commented anything about why we won’t get Future Man Season 4. However, we do know that Future Man wasn’t a big asset to Hulu. The show hasn’t won any awards and wasn’t even able to grab any of the mainstream critics’ attention. The show- Future Man is actually a time-travel comedy that was trying to take place in this over-populated genre of scripted series. So, this unpopularity could be one of the reasons for the end of the show.

Future Man Season 4

What Would’ve Happened?

By the end of the third season, the heroes on the show were able to seal the crack that was responsible for the whole time-travel story. After this, the core storyline of the show kind of ended. So, there aren’t many possibilities that Future Man Season 4 would cover.

In a more complicated context, we could say that maybe Future Man Season 4 would have explored an out of the box story that isn’t very connected to the ongoing story background. They might try to show the futuristic soldiers trying to get into this ordinary world with Janitorial charge leading their way. However, the epilogue ruled out that possibility too. So, we can say that the way Future Man ended, it did not leave anyone with any kind of questions indeed.


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