May 27, 2024
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The Last Word Season 2: What Has Happened? Will We Get More?

The Last Word Season 2

The Last Word Season 2: The way everyone grieves is different than others. This is the message of Netflix’s new show The Last Word gives out. The series recently released on the streaming giant and has been able to hook viewers. After watching it, viewers have started asking if there will be a The Last Word Season 2. The show is another German Jewel in Netflix’s crown. Will we get more? Here are all the details


What Has Happened So Far?

The first season of The Last Word sees Stephan Fazius and his wife Karla. The two are a happy couple where Karla sings to him about how she hates his mother, and how he eats his food and all the things that she loves about him. In the show, Karla proposed an anniversary roll. Stephan tells her that he is coming. She continues to make the old lady jokes as she moves around in the bedroom. When all this is going on, Stephan hits his head to the table. Karla thinks that it is a joke, but things get serious very soon. Stephan is dead.

This sudden demise of her husband brings Karla in a tough spot. However, arranging for the preparation of the funeral keeps Karla going. Their son Tonio is deep in his phone. And their daughter Judith has come back to Berlin in a long while. She has decided to separate herself from her parents. In a linear scene, fans get to see undertaker Andreas Borowski who is on his way to the Fazius’ apartment with his son Ronnie after getting a call from the family. He wants to get Karla everything she wants. This includes the brass band, a party atmosphere where they can celebrate Stephan’s life. She wants to write a eulogy.

Karla is struggling to write a eulogy, and then she finds out the Stephan really hasn’t left her with a lot of savings. She comes to know that the man does practice dental but hasn’t seen many patients over the years. Judith, Karla’s daughter, finds out about a commercial lease that Karla had no idea about, and then the woman finds a mysterious key that opens up to an art studio.

She runs to the crematorium to have a last look at her husband but only reaches there to see his casket being pulled in the oven. She is devastated. After her breakdown, she realizes that Andreas couldn’t find a eulogist and hence decides to do it himself. The eulogy is terrible. After that, Karla takes things in her own hands and does the eulogy she really wanted to do. Eventually, she realizes that she will have to make a living and hence decides to be a eulogist.

What is the show about?

The Last Word Season 2 might see Karla as she tries to deal with the existing rules and tries to set up her business as a eulogist. One question that the second season might actively as is, what Karla is trying to do, is it okay? She will keep questioning if there is even a right way to grieve? Furthering the question, she will also start wondering if there is a right way to grieve at all. One Last Word Season 2 might focus on Karla’s journey to discover things about herself as she tries to find the answers for right and wrong. The season will also see her helping everyone around her in unique, chaotic, and comic way.

The Last Word Season 2

The Last Word Season 2: Release Date

The first season was a six-episode series that released in this September only. And it is too soon to say if Netflix will bring another installment or not. The streaming giant takes a few weeks before they announce the future. We can assume that they are still counting on the viewership. It can be expected that the streamers would announce something about the show soon. If things go right, The Last Word Season 2 might release sometime in 2021. We will keep updating this space with all the new information about the show as we get it. So, you stay tuned.

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