May 30, 2024
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Hazbin Hotel Episode 2: Plot Details, Release Date & Everything The Fans Should Know!

Hazbin Hotel Episode 2

Ever since the creators released the pilot episode of the Hazbin Hotel in 2019, the fans have been waiting for Hazbin Hotel Episode 2. A24 released the debut episode on YouTube and became an immense hit overnight. The viewers loved that episode and signed a petition to make a full-fledged series. As a result, the creators announced the first season of the animated show, which is certainly not for kids. 


Hazbin Hotel is an American adult musical dark comedy animated web TV series. Vivienne Medrano created and produced this show. He released the pilot episode on October 28, 2019. It already received 44 million views on YouTube. Therefore on August 7, 2020, A24 announced that they would be making a full-fledged TV show. A24 is the production house behind the shows like Euphoria and The Light House, and this dark adult comedy will be their first animated series.

Hazbin Hotel Episode 2: Plot Details!

In the debut episode, the viewers saw Charlie, the princess of hell, and her girlfriend Vaggie starts a hotel for the demons and the evils. However, their plan terribly failed because the hotel’s only financier Angel Dust got involved in a fistfight on a live TV. Later, Alastor a well-known demon, came forward to help Charlie with her hotel. Sir Pentious tried to take revenge from him, but he defeats him and changes the name of his hotel from Happy Hotel to Hazbin Hotel.

Now in Hazbin Hotel Episode 2, the fans might see the return of the helpers of Sir Pentious. They will return back to take vengeance from Alastor and Charlie and will try to sabotage the hotel. This time, Alastor can group up with Sir Pentious to take the hotel and be its proprietor. In this way, they will surely try to kill Charlie to rule over the hotel quickly. These are just speculations as the creators didn’t reveal anything officially. 

Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 Plot

Pilot Episode Recap!

Charlie, the princess of Hell, and her girlfriend Vaggie open a hotel to “rehabilitate” devils. Their plans to expand the Happy Hotel on the news fail after Angel Dust, the hotel’s only resident, gets into a dispute with Sir Pentious on live television. After a brief discussion on their route to the hotel, they’re visited by Alastor, a famous overlord of Hell who tries to help Charlie with the hotel. Despite his dubious claims, he only wishes to provide this “charity” for his entertainment to relieve his boredom. 

Charlie provides his help for as long as he wishes and does not do anything that would ruin her goals. Alastor admits and provides her with a team to help run the hotel. He beats Sir Pentious when he strikes the hotel attempting revenge at Angel and modifies the name from Happy to Hazbin Hotel after inviting everyone back inside to have jambalaya.

Hazbin Hotel Episode 2

Hazbin Hotel Episode 2: Release Date

The fans have been waiting to know the second episode’s release date for almost a year now. Since the creators just announced the series a month back, hence they may have to wait for more for now. The fans can expect Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 to release by the end of 2020 or in early 2021. 

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