The Gifted Season 3 Renewal

The Gifted Season 3 Happening? Creator Talks About The Future!

The Gifted Season 3: The second season of ‘The Gifted’ is out, and it has been a considerable time since that happened. What’s happening to it next? There are many speculations about it happening or not. In past interviews, creator Matt Nix has revealed that he has plans for the future of the show. Will he get the opportunity to put all of that in action? Will viewers get to see ‘The Gifted Season 3’? Here are all the details about it-

Renewal Status!

It has been more than a year since the second season of The Gifted released. After that release, Fox had decided to cancel the show, and hence we don’t know if we will ever get Gifted Season 3 or not. One of the reasons for the cancellation could cause a fall in the viewership of the show. Back in 2019, Matt Nix revealed that ‘The Gifted’ was one of the lowest-rated shows. It did bring huge viewership to the network, either. Nix even said that since the show had a primetime slot, the network wanted to do better than it already did.

The show has been able to bag critical acclamation, but it does not look like the audience liked the show much. The live airing numbers of the show had dropped in the second season. Numerically, the first season of the show had about three million viewers, but it started dropping eventually. The second season had dropped below two million. As the second season reached its end, the show had only a viewership of about 1.6 million viewers, which is almost half of what the first season had.

Will ‘The Gifted Season 3’ Ever Happen?

Fox has already canceled the show, but it is still possible that some other network would pick the show and make more of it. Earlier on, the creator- Matt Nix had said that they have future seasons already planned, and he was quite sad about the cancellation. So, if some other streaming service plans to pick the show and move forward with it, it is very much possible that we will get to see ‘The Gifted Season 3.’

The Gifted Season 3

What Could Be Coming Up Next?

The second season of The Gifted did hint towards ‘The Gifted Season 3.’ By the end of the second season, the creators had introduced “oMens,” where Blink had opened a gateway that would show what the apocalyptic world would be like. She even invited some mutants to go with her. So, that could be the opening for ‘The Gifted Season 3’. In an interview, Nix revealed what he would like to play out in the third season. He says that he would really like to explore a world where humans and mutants start living separately. It will be interesting to see how Mutants police themselves when they are on one side. Nix says that it would be interesting to see how a community of mutants who have different agendas and powers living together.

The Gifted Season 3

The second season was so much about all these different sections debating about how they would deal with the humans, and would they get an opportunity to explore mutants as they take positions in which they will have to deal with everything themselves? Will there be a question of moral obligation in a larger picture for these mutants? With the kind of powers that they have, they might have an obligation that they might have to use for other people and also for themselves. It is something that would play out in ‘The Gifted Season 3.’

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