May 30, 2024
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Fox Has Ordered Two More Fresh Comedy Installments With Family Guy And Bob’s Burgers

Family Guy And Bob's Burgers

Fox network has ordered fresh episodes for its most trendy animated show Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers. You’ll be glad to hear that Fox has ordered two more seasons from the shows. It means Family Guy would run in its twentieth season while Bob’s Burgers would return with its thirteenth season. Bob’s Burgers, created by Loren Bouchard, is a sitcom on Fox. It focuses on the Belcher family who runs a burger restaurant in Seymour’s Bay on Ocean Avenue.


Family Guy, created by Seth MacFarlane, is a sitcom on Fox. It follows the adventurous life of the Griffin family. A clumsy blue-collar Peter Griffin, with his wealthy and smart wife Lois, handles two teenagers and one infant kid. However, their teenage daughter Meg was often bullied and ignored by her family. On the other hand, Chris was an exact copy of his father, Peter. But their infant Stewie is the most sexually-oriented and evil genius who uses phrases to communicate his words.

Family Guy And Bob’s Burgers Renewed For Two More Seasons

The long-running show Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers have been renewed for further two seasons. It’s surprising to know that the network renewed Family Guy before season 19 could start airing on the network. Similarly, in Bob’s Burgers case, before its eleventh season begins airing on the network, the network has ordered the twelfth and thirteenth season.

It Sets A New Height

Michael Thorn, Fox Entertainment President, has recently said that both the shows have set a strong foundation on the network. The way they depict pop culture in a meaningful way has developed a different height, that no one has ever achieved on the network. It’s growing popularity increasing every minute and has made animation a strong and dominated program on the television.

Michael Has Claimed Fresh Comedies

Speaking on their renewal, Fox president Michael said both of the show has once again committed to bring fresh new episodes, that will entertain its fans through their broader spectrum of comedies and themes. Michael added they would continue to bring such shows on their network.

Family Guy And Bob’s Burgers’ Release Date!

Currently, both the shows are underway as they are working on their upcoming season. Considering the current season, we can expect that Family Guy Season 20 and Bob’s Burgers Season 12 and 13 would premiere later this year.

When Family Guy Season 19 And Bob’s Burgers Season 11 Would Air?

Although the ongoing pandemic has been the reason for many projects delaying. But the animation projects have been working remotely to bring more entertaining shows. Two such upcoming shows are Family Guy Season 19 and Bob’s Burgers Season 11, slated to air on September 27, 2020. So, enjoy watching your favorite show.

What Storyline Would It Follow?

Well, it’s pretty sure that pandemic would play a major part in Family Guy Season 19. However, new neighbors would be introduced in the upcoming season. They would include kids’ teachers at Adam West High School. Meanwhile, Bob’s Burgers Season 11 would also introduce one episode related to the pandemic. As Smith has written the episodes before the outburst of COVID-19, so the majority of the part would follow from where it left off.

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