Letterkenny Season 9

Letterkenny Season 9: A Few Questions Answered Regarding Upcoming Season

After watching the heartwarming finale, it has become unbearable to wait for Letterkenny Season 9. The last season aired on Hulu has left everyone wondering how things would change afterward in Katy and Wayne’s life, as both are dealing with their relationship problems. However, it seems Katy has a more challenging experience than Wayne. But, nothing would stay permanently in their life. Let’s see how things would proceed in the next chapter.

Letterkenny, created by Jared Keeso, is a sitcom on Crave. The show follows the lives of siblings Katy and Wayne, who handle a small farm and generate stand that managed with Wayne’s friends’ help. It also follows Katy’s on-and-off relationship with ice hockey players Jonesy and Reilly. The show was first started on YouTube. However, Crave decided to begin airing on its network with its increasing popularity. As the show proceeds, it deals with small-town life and how people deal with their day-to-day struggles.

Letterkenny Season 9: Renewed For The Next Season

In June 2020, the network has ordered another batch of the comedic episode for its popular series Letterkenny. However, like other television shows and movies, Letterkenny has to delay their plans. Back in March, the cast and crew cancelled their trip to North America to film the ninth season. Further, they have delayed their live shows until everything settle down.

In May 2019, Hulu acquired the rights to air the series for future seasons. However, Hulu has remained mum to announce anything regarding the ninth season filming. So we guess until the network and streaming partner confirms anything, you can watch the past season on Hulu.

Letterkenny Season 9: What To Expect?

Will There Be Any Holiday Special?

After “St. Perfect’s Day,” which aired between the second and the third season, the holiday special becomes a tradition for the show. Letterkenny has released five holiday-themed episodes, including Valentine’s Day special. However, that trend broke as we didn’t get any holiday special to watch in the seventh and eighth seasons. But, we can expect that this tradition would continue from the ninth season.

The next season would air in the upcoming year, so we can expect that the Hicks would celebrate Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve special in the next season. Since these two are the most celebrated events in Canada, and they hadn’t touched them yet. So, it’s more likely that it would delve into such an episode.

Will Rosie And Wayne Continue Their Relation?

In the last season, Clark Backo appeared as Rosie, who reignited the forbidden romance after the third season awkward breakup. It also came as a positive side for Wayne after his unfaithful relationship with Marie-Fred. However, how long that couple would continue their relationship is still up in the air.

What Will happen With Dierks?

In the last season finale, Tyler Hynes’ Dierks was about to indulge in a fight when everyone rushed to beat him. Dierks, who has been cheating Katy, has left his fate in an epic cliffhanger. However, it’s unclear whether he would return to apologize or not. But, it’s pretty sure that nothing would be in favor of him.

Letterkenny Season 9: When To Expect?

We are considering that the filming of the ninth season is in limbo. Thus its premiere date is another uncertainty which either Crave or Hulu can answer. However, like other shows, if Letterkenny went on production in these upcoming months, then we can expect that the forthcoming season would air somewhere in fall 2021.


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