Food Wars Season 6

Food Wars Season 6: Will There Be A Sixth Plate? Every Detail A Fan Needs To Know

The Fifth Plate of Shokugeki no Soma concluded only a few days back, and the fans are already getting curious about Food Wars Season 6. The last episode didn’t match the expectations of some fans. Therefore they eagerly want to see more of the show so it can correct its ending. The show is one of the most decorated and unique anime series with great ratings and reviews from everyone around the globe.

Food Wars is a food battle anime series. It is an adaptation of the manga of the same name by Yuto Tsukuda. The anime made its debut on April 4, 2015. The inaugural season received an exceptional response from the critics and hooked all the anime watchers with its unique and decent plot. Since then, the creators released the new season of the anime every year. The fifth installment of the anime recently premiered on April 11, 2020, and concluded on September 25, 2020. 

Food Wars

Food Wars Season 6: Renewal Status!

Back in 2019, when the creators announced The Fifth Plate, they also announced that it will be the final installment of it and would conclude the series. However, the creators never canceled Food Wars Season 6, but the possibility is very low. The latest season also received a good response just like all the previous seasons, but some people think that, in the end, the anime lost its flavor. The current renewal status of the anime is canceled. And it is likely that it won’t change anytime soon. 

Will The Anime Ever Return?

Some people think that the creators didn’t renew the anime for its sixth season because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, but that’s not the case. It was planned from the very beginning to end Shokugeki no Soma with its fifth season. Food Wars Season 6 was never on the cards.

The latest season featured the Blue Competition Arc and shifted the focus from Soma to the second main protagonist of the anime, Erina Nakiri. The finale episode showed the final shokugeki battle in the final of the BLUE tournament between Erina and Soma. However, the last season didn’t receive as good a response as its initial seasons. The storylines are also concluded. Therefore it makes no sense for the anime to make its return. And the viewers may never get to see a new season of this anime.

Food Wars Season 6

Food Wars Season 6: Do The Creators Have Enough Source Material?

The manga of the series has a total of 36 volumes, which has 3018 chapters in it. And the anime series of Shokugeki no Soma already adapted all of these volumes and left nothing for Food Wars Season 6. The final episode adapted the final chapter of the manga.

The anime stayed loyal to its source material and featured the same ending as its manga. The authors already concluded the manga on October 4, 2019. Therefore for making a new season of the anime, they have to publish new chapters of the manga. And if this happens, then it will show the events that take place after the BLUE competition.

Food Wars Season 6

Will There Be Any Spin-Offs Or OVA Episodes?

The creators haven’t announced any spin-off series yet. But the viewers will likely see one soon due to the immense popularity of Shokugeki no Soma. Creating a spin-off series will make more sense to the creators instead of continuing the events for the already concluded series. It is also possible that the viewers will get to see OVA episodes just like they had in 2016 and 2018. And the good thing is that the creators have the source material for creating OVAs. They can use the remaining three volumes of the light novel series that was published back in 2014. There is also a possibility of the prequel or an anime-based movie. 

Food Wars Season 6

Food Wars Season 5 Episode 13: Series Finale Review

The final episode of the anime was clearly not the best episode of the series, but it still revealed some shocking things. The last episode revealed that Asahi is the son of Azami, which means he is the older brother of Erina. This revelation brought in the incest components as he was in love with his half-sister and wanted to marry her at a particular time. Azami abandoned Asahi before marrying to Mana, and he didn’t deserve the apology he got in the final episode of Food Wars. Unlike Asami, Asahi had problems for not having a family, and it would be much better if he focused on finding his family instead of marrying Erina.

One more thing that seems different from Soma was he being a little out of character in the finale. Before the match, he was confident that he would win. The main feature of Soma is his ability to take losses and learn something valuable from it to use in the next Shokugeki. But he was very upset after losing the final to Erina, which is not like him, especially when his dish’s purpose is to force Erina to devote all her skills in this competition. 

Food Wars Season 5 Episode 13

Some fans are even saying that Mana only awarded Erina with the prize because she is her daughter. Additionally, no one in Noir got punished because of Asahi, who was extremely sad after knowing the truth. But they are all working for the Nakiri family now. In the end, Erina suddenly confessed that she feels for Soma and is in love with him. It definitely nowhere near compared to its initial seasons, but it is what it is.

Food Wars Season 6: Release Date

Unfortunately, everything is hinting towards no possible future installment of this series. The odds are not in favor of Food Wars Season 6. And it is very likely that the viewers will never see it. However, the fans may see some OVA episodes in the next year. 


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