May 30, 2024
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Superstore Season 6: Premiere Delayed! Shocking Exits From The Show & More

Superstore Season 6

The delay of 2020 seems to have caught the Superstore Season 6. Yes, you heard it right. The show’s premiere date is pushed a week further. Will there be any other changes? We have covered quite some details for you. Know below the coming fate of the show.


The Superstore is a sitcom of NBC. The show came up in 2015 and had been rocking ever since the debut. For instance, it was created by Ben Feldman. We see the story revolving around the group of employees who works at Cloud 9. At this big store in St. Louis, the characters face several challenges.

We see them beautifully dealing with every up and down of life. However, they handle their personal as well as professional issues with equal intensity. The perfect balance of life with a few twists and turns adds up the spice. The series is engaging as well as light-hearted, which at the same time lets you explore the deeper issues as well. However, we have to see further what fate Superstore Season 6 will bring to the show.

Superstore Season 6

Superstore Season 6: Delayed!

NBC’s famous Superstore was about to come upon the floor on October 22, Thursday. But, now, the platform announced the delay. The show’s premiere has been pushed forward to return a week later. The COVID situation seems to be changing Cloud 9’s life, as well. However, the s toryline will cover the current situation of the Pandemic. We will see Amy and Jonah’s relocation to postpone because of the situation. 

Superstore Season 6

Jonathan Green and Gabe Miller, the co-showrunners, revealed to TVLine, “The second episode will cover Almy’s last day at cloud 9, so we ca fully giver her the sendoff she deserves.” Amy was starting her new job and managing the work at Cloud 8 at the same time. However, it satisfactory that she will be getting the official goodbye.

Various Time Jumps

Superstore Season 6 will have various time jumps in its upcoming plot. The store manager will now not be there with others. We will further see the characters focusing on new pieces of stuff and new rules. However, things are undoubtedly going to be different than before. Let us hope for the best to come up in the future.

Superstore Season 6: Upcoming Casts

We will see America Ferrera as Amy, Colton Dunn, Lauren Ash, Nico Santos, Nicole Bollm, Mark McKinney, Kaliko Kauahi, Ben Feldman, and many others. For instance, fans will also see Johnny Pemberton, Sean Whalen, Linda Porter, Michael Bunin, Kerri Kenney-Silver, and Jennifer Irwin. It will be interesting to see the life-changing upcoming plot of the characters.

Superstore Season 6

Superstore Season 6: Release Date

Superstore Season 6 will premiere this October 29. The socially distanced comedy is facing all the difficulties of Pandemic. But, it has made its way to come upon the floor. However, the pandemic effect will also be seen in the storyline. Let us hope for the season to soon be upon NBC without any further delay. Till then, keep watching and staying updated with us.

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