May 24, 2024
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Domestic Girlfriend Season 2: Renewed? Know The Upcoming Plot And More Details

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2

The anime series Domestic Girlfriend has been one of the most populars on Crunchyroll. Ever since the debut, fans have started wondering about the future storyline. Will the show be able to return for another season? We have got you covered with all the updates of Domestic Girlfriend Season 2. Know all the forthcoming information of the show.


Domestic Girlfriend is a Japenese anime show brought up by Kei Sasuga. We see the story revolving around Natsuo Fujii and his life. However, he is in love with his teacher, Hina. But later in the story, we see a girl, Rui Tachibana, suddenly coming and sneaking Natsuo out. She later asks him to have sex with her. Natsuo hesitated at first but later agreed. It was just like a fling for them.

However, later Natsuo’s father tells him that he is going to marry someone, and she will be coming in the evening. It astonishes Natsuo to know that marrying someone who has two daughters, and turns out that Hina and Rui are both sisters. Now, the story hangs in between the love and the one with whom he lost his virginity. We will further see what decision Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 will bring to the show.

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2: Renewed?

The series hasn’t been renewed by the platform yet. But, it seems to happen in the coming future for sure. Fans are desperate to know the imminent future of the plot. Domestic Girlfriend often landed in the top shows of the platform. The fame of the series will undoubtedly pull the makers to bring up the second installment. It has given an ample amount of reasons for the renewal. However, the story still stands in the mid-phase, where some conclusion is needed. Therefore, we cannot see the ending to happen just after the first season. It has a lot to cover.

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2

Moreover, the current situation of the pandemic has led everything to the delay. Fans are going to have a longer halt, so better have patience.

Status Of Manga And Series

Manga is running far ahead in the comparison of series. Four volumes have released in 2019 and three in 2020. The recent one was the 28th, which came up in August 2020. However, there is an ample amount of content available for the series to bring up on the screen.

We will get to see Natsuo’s choice. It may be heartbreaking for one of the girls among Rui and Hina. But, one thing is sure that the plot will be interesting and complex as well. There will be a showcase of heartbreak, love, secrets, and drama ahead.

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2: Release Date

This seems to too early to predict anything about Domestic Girlfriend Season 2. Things will probably go slow because of COVID 19 situation. If renewed, we can see the season coming up on the web by 2021. We have positive hope for renewal. Let’s pray for the best to happen in the coming future. Till then, stay updated with us in this space.

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