Insatiable Season 3

Insatiable Season 3: Renewed Or Canceled? Will It Again Raise The Unstated Issues?

When Insatiable first aired on The CW, it received varied responses from the viewers. However, Netflix came as a savior and helped the show to start from scratch. But, it looks the fate of Insatiable Season 3 is in the dark. Currently, it’s not clear as if the third season would return on the network or not? However, the show’s star believes that they want Insatiable Season 3 to wrap up their story. Will they get another chance? Stay with us to know more.

Insatiable, created by Lauren Gussis, is a comedy-drama show on Netflix. The show follows Patty Bladell (Debby Ryan), who often gets bullied in school for her overweight. However, during her summer vacation, she starts a liquid diet because of running with a homeless man. But, now she is slim and looking for revenge. Meanwhile, Bob Armstrong, a beauty pageant coach, sees Patty’s potential and wants her to turn into a beauty queen.

Insatiable Season 3: Is It Renewed For The Next Season?

Insatiable Season 2 landed on Netflix on October 11, 2019. So everyone was expecting to hear the third season announcement by the end of the year or in 2020. However, within one month, the streamer had decided the fate of the show. Sadly in February 2020, the streamer has confirmed that Insatiable Season 3 has been canceled. It seems quite an irritation when the streamer has to get a flood of money through the show. Then why they decided to cancel it?

Netflix’s Head Has Explained The Reason

Cindy Holland, Netflix’s head of original content, explained the streamer’s decision to cancel the show. Cindy stated, “It’s a combination of things,” when they decided to invest in something they consider the audience preference. However, it comes as the audience wasn’t looking to see more from Patty. Cindy added: “Obviously, critical acclaim is important,” but they are still trying to stretch their franchise more. However, considering the audience’s response, it doesn’t seem easy to push it.

Alyssa Milano Shared Her Disappointment

Insatiable star Alyssa seems quite upset about the cancelation of the show. Soon after the news came up, Alyssa tweeted that it’s unbelievable that Netflix has decided to wrap up Insatiable after two seasons. She went on saying that both the seasons are still streaming on Netflix. But it’s sad to know that they will never be able to know who Coralee’s baby’s daddy is. Alyssa also thanked her fans for their supports.

Will They Be Able To Land On Another Platform?

Well, Alyssa’s post is pointing towards returning to another platform. However, it seems complicated for them to continue their story on another platform. Insatiable started on The CW first, and it has been saved before. According to Netflix’s guidelines, any outside show can’t stream on other platforms until they complete two to three years on the streamer. So, it seems Insatiable Season 3’s fate is in danger.

Audience Signed Petition To Cancel The Show

It’s something that doesn’t often happen as the audience has decided to cancel the show. An online petition of more than 230,000 signatures signed to cancel the show. According to the audience, the show causes eating disorders and influences people to follow Patty’s path, which is not the right thing. However, Ryan believed that this subject needs to address as many people out there are dealing with such problems.

Ryan further cleared that their motive was to show people how an eating disorder can affect a person’s life. They want proper justice for them. She added that the show’s message was not to polish or give time to improve your imperfection but to accept the way you are. However, it seems people haven’t understood the meaning of the show.

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