May 27, 2024
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Sherlock Season 5: Will The Show Return? Creators Discussed Their Future Plans And Storylines

Sherlock Season 5

BBC One has yet to announce the renewal of Sherlock Season 5 officially. However, considering the previous season’s performance, we can expect that the network would soon come up with its fifth season’s announcement. Further, the last season is one of the reasons why the network has to renew the show. However, it’s still uncertain as the creator has some other plans for Sherlock. Stay with us to know will Sherlock Season 5 is on its horizon or not.


Sherlock, created by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, is a crime-drama show on BBC One. The show was inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s world-renowned novel, Sherlock Holmes. It follows Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch), a consulting detective who solves numerous mysteries in present-day London. In his missions, he has been assisted by Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman), his flatmate, and his only friend. However, the Metropolitan Police Service was first suspicious of Sherlock. However, after witnessing his intelligence and wit, they acknowledged his worth.

Sherlock Season 5: Is It Renewed?

Currently, the network has to announce the future of Sherlock. Sherlock has won many awards since its debut, including BAFTA, Emmy, and Golden Globe. However, the last season performance wasn’t up-to-the-mark. The first season has gained a 93% positive response from the audience and 85% from the critics. However, this ranking dropped to 56% on Rotten Tomatoes. So, it’s quite shocking to believe that Sherlock’s future is in danger.

But, merely canceling the show without portraying and giving an explanation for the cliffhanger ending that left in the last season would be irrational. However, according to the sources, Sherlock Season 5 is still on the horizon. As there are still quite many reasons of continuing the show.

Creator Believe It’s Not The End

However, creator Steven Moffat said that they don’t believe that Sherlock would suddenly disappear. According to him, they would return with more stories and activities in the fifth season. Similarly, Mark Gatiss has confirmed that it’s not the end and they would return with a bang with a new season. Further, the duo in a Q&A while celebrating Sherlock’s tenth anniversary on BBC has confirmed the fifth season.

Sherlock Season 5: What To Expect?

Creators Are Planning For Red-Headed League

While Sherlock’s tenth anniversary, the creators have confirmed that they are planning to bring Red-Headed League. One story that perfectly fits this theme is to rob a bank where Andrew Scott’s character, Jim Moriarty, would play a part. However, in this season, a new villain, Dr. Grimesby Roylott would introduce.

Dr. Grimesby Roylott Would Stand Against Sherlock

Gatiss has confirmed that Dr. Roylott would be a villain of the fifth season. Gatiss said that although Dr. Roylott looks charming and tempting, there’s no point in standing in front of Sherlock. As we know, no one can hide from Sherlock’s eyes. Further, the Speckled Band is somehow useless for them to depict more in Sherlock Season 5.

Would Wrap Detective Stella Hopkins Story Arc

Further, Sherlock Season 5 would conclude the story of Detective Inspector Stella Hopkins (Eleanor Matsuura). She debuted in the fourth season pilot episode titled “The Six Thatchers.” She keeps coming to Baker Street to assist Sherlock. However, Sherlock has never invited Stella in his mission, so there might be a slight chance that we can see the pair solving the task together this season.

Sherlock’s Secret Sister Would Reveal

Many believed that Sherlock Season 5 would focus on his long-lost sister Eurus Holmes. However, the upcoming season would deal with Eurus’ dark and evil side. But, the creators haven’t revealed whether they are planning to bring Eurus with some spooky back story or not.

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