May 21, 2024
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Is Barron Trump Autistic? Know The Truth Right Here

Is Barron Trump Autistic?

Barron Trump is the only living Son of the White House beside JFK junior. There have been talks all around whether the Son of the President is suffering from autism. Samuel Alioto described in his article about 14-year-old Barron. He stated him to be fidgety and socially awkward. But is that really true? Is Barron Trump Autistic? Let us take a closer look at it.


Who Is Barron Trump?

You must know who Donald Trump is. So, Barron is the youngest son of the President Donald Trump and the only one with Melania Trump. He celebrated his 14th birthday on March 20. Barron is a sneakerhead addict kid. We can often see him traveling all around with his parents. He was born in 2006. Moreover, Barron Trump has also been the first child to attend St. Andrew’s in Potomac, while all other President kids attended Sidwell Friends. He was set to go in the ninth grade this year.

Is Barron Trump Autistic?

Barron isn’t much interactive. In fact, he is not on social media as well. Melania says to media that Barron is mostly bent towards sports. But, Donald Trump has a hard time letting his son play the game. He considers football a dangerous sport and does not like the consequence that is why Barron is kept away from it.

We have often seen Barron feeling a bit awkward in front of the media. He is not seen shaking hands or even speaking. What may be the problem? Let us figure out the reason.

Is Barron Trump Autistic?

The disease of autism is often seen in children who are born to older parents. However, Donald Trump was 60 when the baby was born. We see the news of Barron’s autism spreading on the web after the article of Samuel Alioto on Observer. He puts out several questions on the child’s personality. The bullying issue and autism pandemic are speculated to put the focus on because of Barron. It was also mentioned that Donald Trump said, “2 years old, and two and a half-year-old, a child, a beautiful child went to have the vaccine, and came back, a week later got a tremendous fever, got very, very sick, now is autism.” Was he talking about his own child? It was never cleared that who Donald Trump was talking about.

Is Barron Trump Autistic?

Spreading Rumors

Later we saw the increase of rumor. Actress Rossie O’Donnell talked on social media about diagnosing the child for autism. The first lady immediately threatened the actress and accused her of bullying the ten years old child. Rossie deleted her post, but the news went viral on the media. However, the actress didn’t have any intension to hurt, as her own daughter was diagnosed with the same.

It seems that it won’t be a big deal whether Barron Trump falls in the spectrum of autism or not. Till now, there hasn’t been any confirmation by the parents. They might be hiding the news to not get the hype, or the news might not be true. However, the boy is shy in public and does feels awkward and engages in repetitive behavior. But, it might just be the nervousness of facing the attentions. Parents do not want to bring Barron in the limelight.

Is Barron Trump Autistic?

Is there something they are hiding? We don’t have any answer to “Is Barron Trump Autistic?” But, whatever it be, it will be upon Barron and his family to whether bring it to the public or not. Till then, stay updated with us for more of such stuff.

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