April 22, 2024
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Manifest Season 3: Production Underway, Jeff Revealed Upcoming Storyline! Know All Details

Manifest Season 3

Manifest Season 3 is in works. And we have already started getting so many sneak-peeks. It seems that the cast members are trying pretty hard amidst this pandemic. However, there are certain questions that need clarification in the upcoming installment. Let us see how many of them will be answered and what big twists will arrive in Manifest Season 3.


Manifest is a supernatural drama series, created by Jeff Rake. The NBC’s show made its debut in 2018. We see the sudden appearance of presumed dead human beings from a lost flight. The air flight, which was to go from Jamaica to New York, couldn’t reach the destination. The flight vanishes, and no one gets to know anything about it. All of them suddenly appear after five years of disappearance. But, the twist comes here, the passengers are not the same as before. Everyone begins to hear voices and the vision of the events, which tend to occur in the future.

People have to see further how these coincidences are happening. Manifest Season 3 is going to bring much disclosure of the happenings. Let us discover the UPcoming fate of the show.

Manifest Season 3

Manifest Season 3: Production In Process!

The show has started filming, and we are getting the sneak-peek every day. Jeff Rake continues to shares every day’s experience. The precautions for COVID 19 situations has been maintained during the process of production. We see masked Rake shooting outdoor in the bright day. He continues to shares the selfies with the ongoing process. We see heavy machinery, indoor environment, photographs, and memories.

Jeff Rake also mentions, “stones will be spending more time at home.” However, while spending more time at home, it will undoubtedly bring memories to life. But, what is the heavy machinery about? It might be something related to Montego Airways tailfin. Let us wait for further updates to know more spoilers.

Eight Coming Spoilers

To increase the engagement, Rake had shared eight teases about the upcoming scenario. The future plot will have many ups and downs. Know the coming spoilers below;

We will see Ben and Saanvi having a deep dive on the Montego Air Tailfin.

Further, we will also discover the coming of a long-lost character. The reappearance will bring many twists to the storyline ahead.

A new passenger will be introduced ahead. He/She might become a significant part of the show.

Further on, Jared will face a complicated relationship. The love interest of his life will go ahead or end in the middle will only be known with the release of Manifest Season 3.

Moreover, the relationship between Michaela and Zeke will move to a further level. They will go together to the new place, but there is someone else as well.

Every passenger will not have the calling for good; some might also have the calling for evil.

Grace’s side of the family will come into the limelight ahead.

Jeff also shared that Manifest Season 3 was picked up three months after the release of the previous installment. The early pickup clearly shows the great success of the series. You have got a lot of spoilers in the upcoming season, so better get excited to see the entire story ahead.

Manifest Season 3: Release Date

We speculate that Manifest Season 3 will be up in 2021. However, the makers are in production, which will surely take some time to finish up. Let us further wait for the best in the coming future. Till then, stay updated with us and keep watching.

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