Angels Of Death Season 2

Angels Of Death Season 2: Renewed Or Canceled? Release Date & Plot

The future of this unique anime series, Angels of Death, did not look very bright earlier. For the last two years, fans have been waiting for Angels Of Death Season 2. However, anime producer J. C. Staff is not ready to announce the renewal yet. Since the story of its source material ended with the last episode of Season 1, the studio will have to bring up new content for a sequel. Fortunately, after a long wait, we can finally see some hope for another season. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

The Angels Of Death anime series originated from a psychological horror game by Hoshikuzu KRNKRN (Makoto Sanada). The video game came out on Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows back in 2015. Within a year, it became a hit and was able to launch on Steam in many languages, including Japanese, Chinese, English, and Korean. Due to its immense popularity, the story was picked for multiple adaptations, mainly two mangas and one anime.

Angels Of Death Season 2

Angels Of Death Season 2: Renewal Details

The first episode of the sensational anime came out back in July 2018. The installment ended its television air with the twelfth episode later that year. However, another four episodes of the season were dropped on Amazon Prime Video in Japan. Later on, all episodes, including the last four, were sold as Blu-Ray/DVD volumes. The series received mixed reviews from fans and critics. Yet, it gained a massive fanbase that demands to know whether the horror anime will return.

Neither J.C. Staff nor any other animation studio has picked up the series for another run, yet. Even though the sequel has potential and can be profitable for its producers, it will be hard to get a renewal. One of the main reasons behind the same is the lack of source material. Being an adaptation of a game, Angels Of Death Season 2, will depend on it for content. Although, unfortunately, the game has already ended its story and might not get a second part.

Angels Of Death Season 2

Hence, unless the studio brings in original content, Angels Of Death Season 2 may not get the green flag. The manga adaptation of the game is still in the run and has released ten volumes. Yet, the manga has not caught up with the story of the game. Thus, the sequel anime cannot pick up content from the manga. However, a prequel manga debuted in July 2017, which can inspire new episodes of the adventurous horror show.

Angels Of Death Episode.0

In 2017, Kadokawa’s Gene Pixiv magazine launched Volume 1 of the prequel of the Angels Of Death game. As of today, only three volumes of the manga have been released. However, once there are enough volumes, J.C. Staff or any other studio might pick up the sequel. Being a prequel story, it’s hard to say if the adaptation will be called Angels Of Death Season 2 or a separate spin-off series. In fact, there are chances that the studio might make it into a movie adaptation.

Angels Of Death Season 2

Well, even though nothing is official yet, there are still hopes for the future of the anime. However, the sequel will get renewed only if there are enough volumes of the Angels Of Death Episode.0 manga. All three of the manga volumes were released after a gap of one year. Hence, looking at the release pattern, Volume 4 is likely to come out this year. We will update this section with its launch date once it is announced.

What Will Happen?

It is expected that any new project related to the anime or any new Angels Of Death anime is likely to adapt the prequel manga. Hence, it will feature the plot of the manga volumes. As of now, only three volumes have been released. The story centers around Daniel “Danny” Dickens, who is working as a counselor for the prisoners in the hope of finding his ideal eyes. Meanwhile, in the same prison, Catherine “Cathy” Ward works as the jailer alongside best friend, Lucy. As the story moves forward, they encounter a mischievous prisoner.

Angels Of Death Season 2

As of now, the plot of Angels Of Death Season 2 looks pretty exciting. However, we hope to see the lead characters (of the first season), Rachel Gardner and Isaac Foster, sometime later in the story.

Angels Of Death Season 2: Release Date

Currently, the producers of the anime have not confirmed the renewal of its sequel. As mentioned before, the productions of Angels Of Death Season 2 might only begin once there are enough volumes of the Episode.0 manga. For that, fans might need to wait for another two to three years. Well, as compared to most anime adaptations, that’s still early. Some popular Japanese anime have previously taken as long as four to five years to return.

Angels Of Death Season 2

Hence, even if it arrives late, there are decent chances for the anime’s return. As of now, a 2022 release date seems most likely. Keep an eye on this corner for all future updates. What was your favorite moments from the previous season? What are your expectations from Angels Of Death Season 2? Please, share with us in the comments below.

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