Dusty Crum

Dusty Crum: Python Expert! Where He Is Now? Know Everything About The Wildman

‘The Wildman’ has been famous on the screen for being the strongest snake hunter. Dusty Crum does the risky stuff, which is very less done by any other. However, he was not the same snake catcher before. For instance, he developed this passion in time. Let us discover more about Dusty’s past and present life.

Dusty Crum: Early Life

Dusty was born in Florida’s Sarasota. He might now be in his mid-50s as the exact birth date isn’t shared. He grew up and did his graduate studies in the same city. Dusty was always passionate about catching snakes but never thought of making it as a career.

Dusty never thought of coming up on the television screen. He was a construction worker. But later, he realized that the particular job was a complete waste of his skill. For instance, he started working on the series. It gave him recognition among the viewers. He is best known for his work in The Guardians of the Glades. For instance, it portrayed him as the lead and gave him the name and fame on the TV screen. However, the second season just aired this year, and fans are looking for its third part.

Dusty Crum

Dusty Crum: Registered Python Hunter

The professionalists are registered for many odd jobs. But, Dusty Crum holds the unique record of capturing Burmese python in Florida. It was 18 feet, 8 inches python. For instance, it is exciting to hold a record at something; it lets you prove that you are the best.

He always worked close to animal conservationists. Dusty Crum has always tried to protect the ecosystem and caught the snakes courageously. He loves to play with the reptiles and wish to get the bigger one in every catch. Moreover, he is in close consultation with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The snake’s skin has now become the wardrobe fashion. However, Dusty Crum has contributed a lot in today’s fashion.

Natalee Mckinney Plays A Bigger In Dusty’s Life

Natalee, a fellow snake catcher of Dusty, plays an essential role in his life. Both of them started dating very long ago and are still there for each other. Dust and Natalee are still due to walk down the aisles. We hope that to happen soon. Away from this snake work, they together own an Orchid business in Venice. However, both of them have been supporting each other for almost two decades. This long-term relationship will probably be growing more in the future. For instance, we hope for the couple to bloom even more.

Dusty Crum

Know Dusty’s Style Of Hunting

It’s been easy for the viewers to catch it superstition, but Dusty has its own style of catching snakes. He goes barefoot on the field with just shorts and a t-shirt. However, he is always seen with the feather, which seems to be his good luck. You will never see Dusty with a trap because he counts on his bare hands.

Dusty Crum: Biggest Catch?

Dusty Crum made his biggest catch back in 2017. He caught the most giant python, which he has never seen in the lifetime. Dusty described the python by saying, “Andre the Giant Versus Hulk Hogan.” It was 17 feet with around 78 eggs in it. He has thoroughly made millions of dollars with numerous catching.

We hope to see The Wildman growing and catching more and more. Be updated with us for more such interesting facts.


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