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Solo Leveling Chapter 122: Ahjin’s First Solo Raid! Release Date & Everything To Know!

Solo Leveling Chapter 122

The manhwa, which turned the industry upside down with its brilliant content, is back again. The fans were really hyped to see the return of Solo Leveling. All the hype was real because ever since the manhwa made its return in August, it didn’t disappoint its readers even a little a bit. Plus, now the story is growing more intriguing and intense in the new chapters.  Therefore, now the fans are getting desperate for Solo Leveling Chapter 122.


As a result, each chapter left the fans craving for the next one. Last week’s chapter of the manhwa was one of the best episodes to date and ended with a cliffhanger. Well, if you’re also looking for the details of the next chapter and a quick summary of the previous one, you’re at the right place. Just keep reading.

Solo Leveling Chapter 122

Solo Leveling Chapter 122: Potential Plot!

Currently, the viewers are witnessing the chapters from the third volume of this manhwa. Solo Leveling became one of the most popular manhwas in no time after its debut in 2019. Hence some people don’t like to know the spoilers before reading the chapter. And if you’re one of them, you can skip this section.

In Solo Leveling Chapter 122, Ahjin guild will finally get the permission from the chairman to go on a solo raid. Since it will become his first raid, therefore many hunters are waiting for him. Jin-Woo and Yu Jin-Hui embark on their guild first raid together as they will enter one of the highest A-ranked gates. Jin-Hui will ask Jin-Woo if they can hire a retrieval team. Jin-Woo will reply with a yes, and they will summon twenty creatures. In the next chapter, they will enter the gate, and by the end of it, the readers will also get to know about their exploits.

Previous Episode Recap!

In the previous chapter of this manhwa, the viewers saw turbulent energy like no other. The Hunters took enormous pride in the event that they defeated the Arch Lich army. Jung Yoon-Tae also began planning an alliance with Hyung-Min. Both organizations will serve as the most potent alliance ever. However, Hyung-Min warns him that they should not break guild rules, particularly when raiding.

Solo Leveling Chapter 122

When they administered their plan, they succeeded in saving 213 to escape and ten extra students. Sung Jin-Woo went to Go Gun-Hee to provide him a higher ranking. 

Solo Leveling Chapter 122: Release Date!

Every single manhwa reader is eagerly waiting for the upcoming chapter to release as it will feature Ahjin’s first solo raid. The raw scans of the next chapter will be available in the next 3-4 days on the internet. Solo Leveling Chapter 122 is scheduled to release on Wednesday, October 7, 2020.

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