Attack On Titans Season 4

Attack On Titans Season 4: Release This December! Change In The Studio, Know More Details

The success of Attack On Titans is known to all the viewers. The fans always seem intrigued and eager for the next incoming of the anime. Also, the official release of Attack On Titans Season 4 has been confirmed. It means that the series will continue to bring more of thrills ahead. Also, Attack On Titans Season 4 has changed it’s studio. There will be more of different changes in the future scenario. We have brought you all the details. Scroll below to know everything.

Attack On Titans is a dark fantasy manga anime series. The series has been written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. We see a young woman ‘Ymir Fritz’ who makes a deal with the Devil of the Earth. However, the humanoid giants with special powers were produced as per the agreement, called ‘Titans.’ However, the power has been kept by Fritz’s family. In the plot, we see the adventure of Eren Yeager. The storyline includes drama, revenge, emotions, family, and adventure. However, the plot will thoroughly keep you intact throughout the end. Let us further see what new factors Attack On Titans Season 4 will bring to the series.

Attack On Titans Season 4

Attack On Titans Season 4: Changed Studio!

Attack On Titans was produced by WIT Studio throughout. But, now it seems that the particular studio is refusing to do the same. However, the work of WIT Studio has been very impressive and been praised by all. The studio was in-touch with the show from season one. But, WIT now stated the crew members to find some other house. However, Kensuke Tateishi explains that they want to step up to a change. Therefore, finding a new studio for critical juncture ahead seemed the perfect plan. 

MAPPA considers the job to continue the show further in the run. The makers’ found the particular to be perfect as they are the only ones who agreed to handle the workload. Let us hope for the best to come from the side of studio and the makers as well.

Attack On Titans Season 4

Upcoming Plot

There will be a change in the environment in the upcoming season. The plot will be focusing more on Eren and his teammates. However, there has been talks on the web that a new Titan will arrive in Attack On Titans Season 4. He/She will be playing a massive role in the installment.

Moreover, the released trailer has revealed a lot. The trailer of season 4 has become the most-viewed trailer on Youtube. Fans are hyped after seeing it and are wishing it to release soon. Better get excited to see more of new faces ahead.

Attack On Titans Season 4: Release Date

The platform finally revealed the release date of Titans’ fourth and final season. It is scheduled to premiere on December 7, 2020. However, it is speculated that the upcoming season will have a two-split cour. It might happen or might not as there hasn’t been any announcement about the particular news. If the same happens, we expect the second part to release around January 2021. We are hoping for more adventure and thrill ahead. Till then, stay updated as we will inform you with more details in the future.


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