June 15, 2024
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Pirates Of The Caribbean 6: Last Movie? Will Johnny Depp Return To Play Jack Sparrow? Know Every Detail

Pirates Of The Caribbean 6

While everyone is curious to know about the premiere date of Pirates Of The Caribbean 6. Some rumors begin surfacing about Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow being killed when the film will return. Will he? Well, we all know the success of Pirates Of The Caribbean lies on Captain Jack Sparrow’s hand. Depp has stunned his fans throughout the franchise with his incredible performance. Moreover, the film has turned out the most successful franchise Disney ever has. However, it seems Captain Jack Sparrow’s time as a pirate would end soon.


Apart from this, Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 will return soon. So, the die-heart fans don’t have to wait a lot to watch their pirates battling each other for the prize. Undoubtedly, Pirates Of The Caribbean’s success depends on the successful franchise journey. It begins with The Black Pearls, and since then, it crossed the records. But, will you like to see this movie without Captain Jack Sparrow? Let’s see what will happen next in Sparrow’s life in Pirates Of The Caribbean 6.

Pirates Of The Caribbean 6: What New Twist It Will Bring?

Recently, the rumors surfaced that Johnny Depp has left the Disney franchise due to his war with her ex-wife, Amber Heard. Since then, many words had appeared about recasting Jack Sparrow in the new Pirates Of The Caribbean project. However, nothing has been revealed about Captain Jack Sparrow’s mysterious disappearance.

Disney Looking For A Way To Sort Everything

Well, until now, Disney has been mum to disclose the fate of Depp. He has been the face of the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise. So, it’s unlikely to digest that Disney would cut off with Johnny Depp. However, considering those rumors, it’s more likely that Johnny’s time as Jack Sparrow is about to over. But fans are not able to accept this fact, as there’s nothing in Pirates’ franchise without Jack Sparrow.

Will Jack Sparrow Die In The Next Film?

Now all these rumors have raised a question that will Jack Sparrow die in Pirates Of The Caribbean 6? As we stated earlier, Johnny Depp is the face of this franchise. So considering this, the question is quite irrational. However, if Disney would be eager to take this step, we believe it would end Johnny’s Pirate journey.

Is There More Spin-off To Come?

Considering that if Johnny Depp leaves the franchise, it’s likely that the next movie would be the last part of this franchise. If Johnny returns too, his role would be relatively short as he has already dropped the franchise. So, considering every aspect, it’s evident that this part would be the last of this franchise.

Pirates Of The Caribbean 6: Production Details

Recently, Jerry Bruckheimer stated that they are currently working on the script. He said that they are hoping to wrap up the draft as soon as possible. So that they can send it to Disney. However, they aren’t sure will Disney like the new script or not. While speaking on Depp’s return, Jerry added that the one script on which they were working, they have no idea what Johnny Depp’s role looks like in it. It would be the first time without Jack Sparrow in the Pirates Of The Caribbean.

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